Video Presentation Coaching with Client A

This article summarizes a quick video presentation coaching analysis I gave to a client’s video presentation recently. Client A wanted to share her thought leadership with her client database in a series of weekly videos as part of a marketing campaign.

My client was new to presenting on video and had a few areas of concern that made her feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (which we addressed separately). Here is an edited summary of some of my “general” recommendations in the hope that you too will benefit from them:

Avoid Shouting at the Video Camera

Often when we are excited and passionate about our topic our vocal volume increases. This is great for presenting on a stage to a live audience, but not ideal on camera. When we are presenting on video we need to modify our presenting style because everything that we do on camera will appear magnified on screen. In order to have good screen presence, we need to “draw the viewer in”. You don’t need to project your voice on camera like you do on stage. Let the microphone do its job.

We need to speak as though our audience is standing 4 feet away from us. Speak to the camera like you would a speak to a friend in a social setting. We wouldn’t shout at a person if they were standing 4 feet away from us, and the same social graces apply when it comes to engaging with your viewers (through the lens) on video.

Insiders tip: It’s better to express enthusiasm by using a slightly quicker pace than normal, rather than increasing volume levels.


Light Bouncing off Your Reading Glasses

On camera, our eyes are our most expressive feature, followed by the mouth. My concern here is the “light flare” bouncing off your glasses. It’s obscuring your ability to communicate effectively with your eyes i.e. we can’t see them! To help build trust and convey your emotions effectively the viewer must be able to see your eyes clearly.

The light “bouncing” off your glasses is visually distracting and it upstages your message. It is a very common problem, however, and this is why most TV presenters will wear either non-light reflecting glass lenses, or contact lenses to solve this particular issue with studio lighting.

Insiders tip: Try positioning your main light source slightly above your eye-line. Use light diffuses (ie: soft-boxes / paper), or bounce your main light source off a wall so that it does not interfere with you being able to make effective eye contact with the camera.


Lighting to Compliment Your Skin Tone

Because of your deep beautiful skin tone, we need to make sure that you are lit well. This requires a different light set-up from those with fair skin tones. Unfortunately, the lighting setup you are currently using does not enhance your skin tone. As a result, we cannot see the definition and outline of your facial features.

The background setting you have chosen contrasts well with your skin tone, but for it to work effectively, we need to cast more light directly on you, as well as cast an “even” light on the background. This will help to ensure that you “pop” out from your background. Please refer to this lighting article to get you started.

In order that you don’t appear too ashen on camera, I recommend the following clothing color choices as the ones most complementary to your skin tone …. (addressed separately – client confidence etc).

Folks, this is just a small subset of the type of initial high-level analysis I provide for my clients. Obviously, there are a number of personalized recommendations that I am not able to share publicly.

Have a burning question? Want me to cover a topic? Reach out to me here.

Or perhaps you are stuck and need a little guidance? Let me know worries here.

Otherwise, keep creating and keep it fun!

Cheering you with your video creations!





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