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Are you ready to command the screen? Do you want to avoid common on-camera pitfalls? Let’s get started…

This is your one-off customized report. Start by sending Bianca a link of you presenting on video and she will analyze the effectiveness of your video presentation. She’ll provide you with expert analysis and personalized feedback. You’ll receive a detailed report that shows you what you can do to make instant improvements, and how you can easily implement those changes.

Your Report Includes:

  • Details about what you are doing well, and areas that can be improved
  • A list of practical suggestions tailored just for you, covering the technical aspects of your filming set up, as well as your on-screen performance
  • Trade secrets and little-known performance techniques gained from over 20 years of experience that will help you make immediate improvements with your screen presence
  • You will receive an easy to access cloud-based visual portfolio, with time-stamped annotations captured from your video performance, and/or video examples, to illustrate each of my recommendations with review comments.

You’ll get valuable insights that will help you make instant improvements in your video presentations. You’ll feel confident that you have come to the right place and a “behind the scenes” experience of what it would be like to have Bianca as your own personal Video Presentation Coach. Assisting you every step of the way so that you’ll have more power and influence on-screen, and be more effective, engaging and compelling on-camera. You’ll be able to command the screen and master the lens in any filming situation.

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