Do You Want to Deliver Masterful, Compelling Videos?


1st impressions are crucial. Within 3 to 8 seconds, your viewers have judged your income, level of education, and even your level of success.


“Within 30 seconds (providing you are compelling and engaging enough for them to be still watching) they’ve also judged your level of intelligence, honesty, competence, friendliness, and confidence. Once they’ve formed this 1st impression, you are stuck with it”


It is an inescapable fact. “How” you deliver your message can be more important to the viewer than the message itself. Many people undermine their video work because they don’t know the secrets for giving a successful video presentation that delivers a compelling message to their target audience.

Remember that while human beings have evolved as a species over the last two to three million years, spoken language is a relatively recent invention, only tens of thousands of years old. As a result, we are evolved to be more proficient at communicating non-verbally which is further enhanced (negatively or positively) on-screen.


 Realize that You are a Continuous Transmitter 

Your face and body language reveal your feelings to your viewers as they change from moment to moment at the rate of several thousand signals per second. Your audience picks up on your feelings. Mirror neurons (special brain cells that were only discovered in the nineties) make us automatically empathize with the people we observe.


 “What you do speaks so loud…
I cannot hear what you say”–Ralph Waldo Emerson 

For example, (dependent on how present you are) when someone smiles at you on the street, your mirror neurons generate an urge to smile back. When you see the fear on someone’s face, (more so with someone close to you) you’ll unconsciously sense a level of anxiety or fear yourself. When you see someone who looks angry, you will on some level feel subtle forms of aggression, irritation, etc. You “mirror” what you see. This speaks volumes on-screen.


 Whatever You are Feeling, Your Audience Feels it too! 

Humans evolved this special ability over countless generations to help us determine friend from foe, and display the correct emotion to match the social situation. We don’t watch a person’s face and think about their intentions, our subconscious brains automatically tune into their feelings. When it comes to your video presentations, whatever emotion you are feeling, thanks to mirror neurons, your audience will automatically be feeling it too!

If you feel nervous and tense about appearing on-camera, or your eye-contact with the lens is slightly off, your audience will be nervous and tense watching you. If you are using the wrong type of eye-contact on-screen you can appear emotionally disengaged, or aggressive, or even creepy!

Also, you cannot control how the viewer is going to watch your video. They can rewind, pause, zoom-in, go full-screen, or even study your face closely on a large screen if they want. The emotions you project on-screen will determine the extent to which people will trust you.


 Master Your On-camera Presence and Influence 

People new to video presenting come across very differently on camera than they do in the flesh. Presenting to a camera lens requires a completely different skill-set from public speaking; a fact few people are aware of. Being able to speak to a live audience does not necessarily mean you will come across well on video. Even confident speakers and presenters can “blow it”. The sad thing is many of them don’t even know they’ve delivered a poor performance, as a result, they’ve unwittingly decreased their credibility, influence, and authority.


“Presenting on stage is like a Surgeon operating with a scalpel.
Presenting on-camera is like a Surgeon operating with a laser.” 


 Micro in-the-Moment but Macro On-screen 

Without realizing it you can undermine your screen presence and authority. Yes, that involuntary elbow flare-out each time the presenter speaks about pricing is a classic example of an unconscious “tell” – imbuing the frame with skepticism and doubt and how your viewer experiences you. Remember micro in-the-moment but macro on screen.

Your voice, face, body, expressions, and energy all communicate the essence of who you are. These natural gifts are unique to you. If used well, they can help you present yourself and your message in a deeply compelling way when you speak with people in life. However, on-camera, if any of these expressive instruments are blocked, poorly used, or underdeveloped, you will have out-of-tune instruments that can reduce the effectiveness of your messaging.

The camera has no human qualities. It doesn’t blink, smile, or give you encouraging feedback as you’d experience with real-world visual clues in human interactions. This can be a disconcerting experience. The camera is an all-seeing eye that captures all of your nuances in detail in those micro-moments on screen.

If you use the right on-camera techniques supported by the right messaging it creates a powerful marketing opportunity for you. If you don’t, your video performance can negatively impact you and your brand.

Unnecessary reshoots and corrective editing to fix your performance issues will drive up production costs and cause lost time and frustration.

Anyone can Film Themselves on Video. But not Everyone is Watchable
It’s not about talent it’s about skill – it’s 80% learned skills and 20% talent 

Professional TV/Film actors, spokespeople, and presenters are trained in skills that optimize the nuances of working in front of the camera lens. They learn proven techniques that help them to “sell the shot” (product, service, message, idea, etc). It’s 80% learned skills and 20% talent. They make it look effortless and are paid well for it.

To their target audience, they are perceived as believable, likable, and relatable. They have the ability to captivate the viewer, trigger their emotions, and shape the viewer’s attitudes towards the intended product or service. Unbeknown to you (the viewer) they (the director, actor, production, etc) are using a ton of visual persuasion techniques like;

  • Preprogrammed (unconscious) emotion-laden-triggering visual clues i.e. sex, beauty, nurturance, status envy, high/low social status
  • Status indicators that are anxiety-producing (commonly used in high-fashion advertising), brain trappers and metaphors
  • Subtle sex-roles cues, stylistic principles, and clustering that accentuate feelings of inferiority or superiority
  • And there are different types of class structure for beauty – designed to trigger viewer identification
  • Engagement techniques that evoke trust or curiosity to “sell the message” on-screen.

The upside to this is that you can apply these techniques too. You can adopt screen-craft and production techniques that are specifically tailored to influence and shape the point of view for your intended audience.


Meet Some of Our Clients…and Their Stories

Alexa the CEO 

Alexa is the CEO of a thriving software company. The marketing team is upgrading the company website, and want to film a video of Alexa sharing her passion for excellence to potential customers.

Alexa is a naturally good speaker. She presents and gives talks in front of groups, and is comfortable being in the limelight. The team hire some video equipment, and set Alexa up in the company foyer with the company logo in the background (following the usual generic recommendations) and start recording.

Unfortunately, Alexa’s natural ability to speak off the cuff fails to materialize when presenting to the camera lens. She trips over her words, blanks in mid-sentence, backtracks and repeats herself often (all of which are nightmares to edit around). It takes dozens of takes to finally get usable soundbites, and by that time Alexa’s energy and enthusiasm have crashed.

The team sits down to review the playback. It’s hard to watch. Alexa is powerful and engaging in front of a live audience, but this is not coming across on video. She looks stressed and uncomfortable, like a startled deer in the headlights. Pale and sweaty, her eyes dart nervously, and her screen presence lacks warmth and energy.

Her people are confused. Even Alexa is cringing. Her cheeks burn red with embarrassment and her confidence takes a nosedive. She feels like she has let herself and her team down with the disappointing video footage, as a result, they’ll need to reshoot some parts and re-hire gear on a day where everyone’s schedules are in synch (not an easy task).

Confidence shaken, Alexa realizes there is more to presenting confidently on video than meets the eye. But what can she do? Her team needs a polished video result and fast…


Clara the Author

Clara’s book became a breakout bestseller and she wants to leverage her fame and create speaking opportunities. She purchased some video equipment for her home office, and a “how to build your own video training course” online.

Predictably, the cookie-cutter course material turned out to be high on hype and low on substance. “Relax. Be authentic. Just be yourself. It’s not about you, it’s about the viewer”, these self-appointed video marketing experts say in their course. They make it sound so simple. 

In theory, these empty platitudes seem plausible, but in practice, this is very poor coaching advice. On video, it’s not about “being yourself”, it’s about presenting “your best on-screen self” in a way that enhances your brand and your reputation.

On video, Clara feels self-conscious about her looks and her body weight. Her mouth goes dry. She blinks excessively. Clara speaks so fast that it’s hard to tell where one point ends and the next point begins.

After creating her first video following the cookie-cutter blueprint, all Clara sees is a B-grade version of her A-grade self.  Her message scripting, camera set-up, and video editing have combined to produce a finished product that is, well, underwhelming. The “jump cuts” these so-called experts recommend in video editing (which require the editing mastery of a Quentin Tarantino to artfully pull off) make her video efforts seem sloppy and poorly put together. Not only that – this poor generic recommendation to use a “youth” orientated editing style, did not appeal to her demographic nor did it acknowledge their media viewing sophistication. Rather, it upstaged her messaging and undermined the look, feel, and professional visual tone of her video production.

Worse still these ill-advised, poorly timed edits made Clara look and sound like she can’t even string a full sentence together, let alone a thought. It gives the impression that she makes a lot of speaking mistakes, or that she doesn’t know her content well enough to speak with expert authority. To top it off visual media research has shown that the implication of this rule violating style seriously impedes the comprehension level and clarity of the message being received by the viewer. 

It certainly isn’t the powerful first impression Clara wants to make as a thought leader. The generic filming recommendations and poor set up makes her look 20 pounds heavier, and 10 years older than she really is. “This isn’t me!”, she exclaims.

Money wasted, Clara feels duped, embarrassed and frustrated. But what can she do?


Bria the Health and Fitness Guru

Bria is a fitness model with a large social media following. She’s graced the cover of national fitness magazines and is a bundle of enthusiastic energy in person.

Her loud voice and exaggerated facial expressions are assets when teaching an exercise class. But on video, her hypercaffeinated personality and facial over-emoting seem forced and insincere. Bria’s flailing arm and body movements overpower the screen. They upstage her and distract from her message.

Bria knows her stuff and has a passion for sharing knowledge, but her wardrobe choices, poor choice of camera angles, and framing overemphasize her sexuality. It’s a challenge to take her seriously as a business leader and professional. Viewer comments are filled with unwanted attention from males (not her demographic), and aggressive put-downs from females.

Bria wants to be seen as the credible thought leader she is…But what can she do?

You can be Compelling, Confident and Masterful on Video
Master the screen and command the lens in any filming situation – here’s how we can help you… Video Presentation Coaching and Production was established in 2006 we’ve served our clients for 13 years and counting.

Founder, Bianca Te Rito provides an exclusive, personalized, consulting service for business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers, and VIPs to help them present themselves, their products and services, and brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on video.

Bianca works virtually with a variety of clients around the world. They all want to deliver effective video presentations but often feel self-conscious being on-camera. As recognized industry leaders, they want to avoid making crucial (and all too common) on-screen mistakes that can detract from their key messages and undermine their video production efforts.

Being seen in a professional light is of prime importance to them. They have brands to build, businesses to lead, and clients (internal and external) to please. They have their thought-leadership to uphold and reputations to protect. This is why they demand quality and set high standards for themselves and their service providers. When it comes to video presentations, they only want to release content they are proud to put their name on.

Bianca’s clients want to master the screen and command the lens, in a compelling way and in any filming situation.
Whether it is for;

  • Sales and Marketing presentations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Internal staff communications, investor relations, live video interviews to
  • Behind the scenes videos, up close and personal vlogs, or sharing their thought leadership online with video.


What YOU WON’T get is one of those ubiquitous, one size fits all, cookie-cutter “video content marketing” packages that are promoted online. They contain generic tips that are superficial at best and don’t really help you to improve your video presentations. It is highly unlikely that these providers have ever been paid to work in a professional capacity in front of the camera as an actor or presenter, or behind the camera in TV advertising and film production or film-related industries.

What YOU WILL get is an intimate, personalized coaching service that comes with the peace of mind of knowing you’re in safe hands. You will get advice and coaching you need from a real-world operator with over 20 years of industry experience.

Throughout her career Bianca has collaborated with 1000s of people from all walks of life, working with professionals at the top of their game, to total newbies. She has coached, observed, hired, cast, and managed actors, presenters models, and talent.

Bianca has seen and experienced the nitty-gritty that happens behind the scenes, she knows firsthand that no one (no matter how beautiful, smart, successful, wealthy, powerful, or famous) wants to feel foolish or look stupid. Most don’t aspire to blunder or fail in front of peers, colleagues or clients. Most don’t want to be laughed at, rejected, criticized, ridiculed or ignored. Most don’t aspire to be the average one, to be the sucky-one.

It takes a knowledgeable and caring approach to help build people’s self-confidence and get the best out of them on screen.

You can be confident you are in the BEST hands and you can be sure, that you’ve engaged a highly trained and skilled professional. Because…when you work with Bianca, you get one of a kind expert coaching and advice from a professional TV/film actress and model (Fun fact: she booked her first modeling job aged 12).  Bianca is a trained screen actress and product spokesperson. She has booked numerous 5 figure roles for TV commercial work. This requires the ability to perform an action, or expression, or deliver a single line of (at times inane) dialogue in such a compelling way that it convinces millions of viewers to purchase the product being advertised.

In her performance background, she has performed lead roles in short films, TV soap operas, high profile TV commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and radio commercials. Bianca has trained to a master’s level in both Meisner and Stanislavski acting techniques and has studied with high profile casting directors and acclaimed acting tutors.

From this wealth of industry experience in front of and behind the camera, you can feel safe that Bianca has the real-world skills to teach you how to present yourself on camera in the most effective way possible and help you avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your success and detract from your personal brand.


Are you a Celebrity, VIP or Influencer?
Get the peace of mind you need…

We are the industry’s best-kept secret. If you’re a Celebrity, VIP, Influencer or a recognized industry leader, etc we tend to operate under NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) with our clients. We respect the public position that you are in and that you may have areas of concern that are sensitive in nature.

You will not get any testimonial pressure from us. We will not reference your likeliness, brand or name in any way. We get it and we understand. We do welcome and prefer private referrals.


Are you Introverted, Camera shy, or a Diamond in the Rough?
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered…

When it comes to our coaching service we have your back. Bianca gets introversion because she admits to being highly introverted herself.

We’ll work-in with your style, at your pace, quietly and efficiently. There’s no leaping out in front of you or getting you to do weird or wacky things on-screen in an attempt to change your natural style. If you are extroverted, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too.

We do not subscribe to aggressive, high-pressure sales tactics. Bianca is selective as to who she works with. If you are highly driven to stand out in your field, you value substance over hype, you care enough to want the very best for yourself and you value quality over “being average” we can help you do just that.

You can start today by previewing our core service offerings and choose an option that best suits your needs.


Choose from our 3 Custom Service Offers

Service Offer One 


This is your one-off customized report where you can start by sending Bianca a link of you presenting on video and she will analyze the effectiveness of your video presentation and provide expert analysis and personalized actionable feedback. You will receive a detailed report that shows you what you can do to make immediate improvements, and how you can easily implement those changes.

★ Your One-off Report Includes:

  • Personalized actionable feedback about what you are doing well, and areas that can be easily improved so that you can really excel and command the screen
  • Practical suggestions covering technical aspects of your filming set up, as well as your on-screen performance
  • Trade secrets and little-known performance techniques (gained from over 20 years of experience) that will help you make immediate improvements with your screen presence.

You will receive an easy to access cloud-based visual portfolio, with time-stamped annotations captured from your video performance, and/or video examples to illustrate each of my recommendations with review comments.

You will get valuable insights that will help you make instant improvements in your video presentations. You will feel confident that you have come to the right place and you will get a “behind the scenes” experience of what it would be like to have Bianca as your own personal Video Presentation Coach. Assisting you every step of the way so that you will have more power and influence on-screen, and be more effective, engaging, and compelling on-camera. You’ll be able to command the screen and master the lens in any filming situation. It’s easy to get started – click the link below.

Are you ready to command the screen? Do you want to avoid common on-camera pitfalls? Let’s get started.



Service Offer Two


Bring your A-grade-Self to the lens. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the unconscious mistakes they make on-screen. Errors that can undermine your on-camera presence, your delivery, your persuasiveness or the impact the effectiveness of your messaging and how it’s received by your intended viewer.

If you want to present yourself, your products, your services or your brand message to your target audience in the most effective way possible on video and you want to save yourself time, frustration, and money you need this 1 on 1 Intensive.

You may be a public speaker who can confidently present in front of a live audience, but presenting on camera is a very different skillset you must master if you want to win your audience over and compel them to take action. Whether you are a business leader wanting to promote your business, or a thought leader wanting to educate your audience, Bianca will help you bring your best on-camera self to the lens.

You want your audience to watch your video and be compelled to take the desired actions, don’t you? Well, you won’t get great results if you deliver a bland, unimaginative, “cookie-cutter” video presentation. You know the kind; generic messaging that no one remembers, unconvincing presenter, amateur editing, and production. An awkward, uncompelling “me too” video appeals to no one.

Instead, ditch all the guesswork, quit second-guessing yourself, and stop spiraling into those dark spaces of self-doubt, insecurity, and overwhelm. Get Bianca as your own personal Video Presentation Coach. Bianca will work with you (virtually) to take your on-screen performance to another level. Get the customized support you need – right away. Whether you want feedback on your existing videos or coaching to film new videos, or even getting your video footage produced, Bianca can help you achieve just that.

 How it Works 

  • You will get 6 hours of one-on-one intensive coaching, which can be divided into multiple sessions if you wish.  
  • You are in full control and you have total flexibility with our offerings.
  • You can mix and match any of the STEBIAN coaching modules and topics (listed here) that you feel you need the most help with.


Together we’ll customize a package that is right for you – just click the link below.

Get started today.
Click here for an Overview of our Modules and how we can best serve you.



Service Offer Three


Do you want a compelling video to promote your business?  We make it easy! provides customized video production services to help you achieve your goals.

 Would you like your video footage professionally edited and produced?  

Bianca will take your raw video footage, and produce a video for you, e.g.

  • You provide raw footage of your video presentation
  • Alternatively, Bianca can meet with you in person to film and coach your presenter
  • Liaise with Bianca during the editing process to agree on revisions (using video collaboration software)
  • You receive a finished video, ready to share with your audience

 Do you need a professional presenter for your project?  

Bianca will present your message and produce a video on behalf of your business, e.g.

  • You provide the marketing messages and visual imagery (logo, product shots, etc)
  • Bianca fronts your video presentation
  • Liaise with Bianca during the editing process to agree on revisions (using video collaboration software)
  • You receive a finished video, ready to share with your audience

Pricing will vary due to the size, scale, scope, and production value required for each video project. A high-level summary of services offered include (but are not limited to):


To fully achieve your goals, your video needs a great strategy. Our strategic team will ensure your video is set up to succeed right from the outset including:

  • Creative brief preparation
  • Assistance with message scripting
  • Guidance on location, wardrobe, framing, lighting, and shot lists


Whether you are creating social videos, or videos to promote products and services on your website, we’ve got you covered:

  • Equipment and studio setup
  • Presenter coaching to ensure you deliver a compelling video presentation on the day
  • On-site or on-set prep and coaching of you, your staff or your talent (i.e actors, models)
  • Professional direction and filming of your video footage


It’s one thing to have the right ingredients, but it takes a special skill to pull all the elements together to create a video that delivers results!

  • Professional video editing (done collaboratively with your input)
  • Incorporation of music, graphics and other visual elements
  • Production of finished video ready for audience viewing

Ready to discuss your needs? Contact us now and together we’ll tailor a package that is right for you.

Book in a call today. Together we can make it happen.


Client Praise – Various projects

John Spence

Author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker.
“One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America”

“Bianca’s expert insights were invaluable in taking my video work to a completely new level”

I recently asked Bianca to help me improve the quality and professionalism of my video work. Although I’ve been a professional speaker/corporate educator for nearly 20 years, Bianca was able to give me advice, coaching, and input that made a huge positive impact on how I produced my videos – including lighting, clothing, style, background, voice… Her expert insights were invaluable in taking my video work to a completely new level. In addition, she was a complete joy to work with – very personable, extremely focused and dedicated to my success. I am truly pleased to offer my very highest recommendation on behalf of Bianca – she is an amazing person and does an absolutely superior job.

Gary Hoover

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy.

“I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences better than Bianca Te Rito”

I have made over 2000 speeches and I think I’m pretty good at it. But I recently started a video blog, and wow is working in front of a camera different. Most speakers don’t know how to project toward that little glass lens. It’s very different from a live audience. I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences better than Bianca Te Rito. Her recommendations, after watching some of my videos, were totally new ideas to me, but old hat to onscreen experts like Bianca. Her work was quick, to the point, and incredibly helpful. And delivered in a very visual way (not just verbal recommendations) that made new ideas easy to understand and apply. She’s a delight to work with!

Victoria Moore

Co-Founder of the Legacy Organizer iPhone App

“You are clearly a real expert in this field”

Bianca – thank you for your fantastic comments and really valuable advice. You are clearly a real expert in this field and I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about business presentations to get in touch with you.

Tania Greig


“Bianca’s communication has always been prompt, informative and she always provides clear and effective solutions”

I have known Bianca personally and professionally for over ten years. She has featured as both a cover and a fitness model in Fitness Life magazine, and was a true professional in all aspects of her modeling work; from her personal presentation, organization plus of course her ability to portray the right expressions behind the camera. More recently Bianca has assisted us in social media development, providing detailed how-to-video tutorials tailored specifically to my needs. Her communication has always been prompt, informative and she always provides clear and effective solutions.  Bianca is personable, a great listener shows empathy and professionalism and has the ability to gauge her clients’ specific needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their online presentation and brand or be guided by social media development.

Linda Webster

Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs

“Bianca Te Rito is the real deal”

She has an innate sense of how to market your brand to not only make you attractive to your target audience but also how to use your best qualities to make your brand authentic. She is bright, personable, generous with her time and knowledge and will point you in the right direction every time. I highly recommend Bianca and for your online branding needs.

Simon Mundell

Managing Director of The RESULTS Group

“Bianca really knows her subject and can be completely relied on to perform a high-quality job”

Bianca helped me to create and express my online personal brand in a powerful and compelling way. She really knows her subject and can be completely relied on to perform a high-quality job. From strategy through to execution – I trust Bianca to take care of all the details and just “make things happen”. She is a rock star and gets the right things done right

Stephen Lynch

Chief Operating Officer at The Business Execution Experts, Strategy Consultant, Author

“Bianca has a great big heart and takes real pride in getting great results for her clients”

Bianca is the hardest working person I know. She is a highly-disciplined, task-focused achiever who drives execution and is relentless in making sure projects are completed on time and to a high standard. Bianca brings order to chaos by organizing, structuring, and thoroughly documenting anything she is involved in. Bianca has a rare combination of talents: an in-depth knowledge of acting & presenting skills from her many years in the performing arts – combined with best-practice business methodologies in marketing and strategy – gained from her association with Anyone who works with Bianca always gets massive value. She has a great big heart and takes real pride in getting great results for her clients.

Trina Moore 

Financial Futures Group

“Bianca is highly intuitive and will always strive for nothing less than exceptional results” 

Bianca is focused and passionate about her career and the goals she sets for herself both personally and professionally. She is an inspiration combining beauty, skill, and discipline in each area of her life. Her determination and commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is reflected in every aspect of her personal and professional life. Bianca is a strong, intelligent, loyal woman who will create success with any project or person she sets her sights on. She is highly intuitive and will always strive for nothing less than exceptional results. I have known Bianca for over 10 years.

Steve Boomert

CEO ProCare Health

“Bianca is relentless at driving implementation, and has the ability to increase the personal effectiveness of those around her” 

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bianca Te Rito. Bianca is the kind of person you can completely rely on to manage any project to completion – on time, and to a high standard. Bianca takes pride in getting great results and has greatly contributed to the systemization and streamlining of our core processes. Bianca is very professional and highly-disciplined in her approach to business – able to work with people at all levels of the company to get things done. Bianca is relentless at driving implementation and has the ability to increase the personal effectiveness of those around her – by helping them better focus on the task at hand. Bianca is also the most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. Bianca added immense value while she was here and we would certainly hire her again. I recommend her highly, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

Lisa Carter

Head of Customer Engagement Team at

“I have not worked with anyone who is more focused and determined”

There is one word that comes to mind when I think of Bianca – “Disciplined”. I have not worked with anyone who is more focused and determined. Projects get completed when Bianca is involved, and I don’t say that lightly! Completed to Bianca means start to finish, time-lined actions, KPIs achieved, budgets met, mission accomplished: full stop.

Steven Chow

Police Ten 7 at Screentime NZ Ltd

“Bianca is able to collaborate very well with directors in both commercial broadcast and film”

Bianca is a creative and insightful individual who is able to collaborate very well with directors in both commercial, broadcast and film. Her enthusiasm, professionalism as well as a sense of humor has made her popular and highly respected amongst her peers. Highly recommended.

“Bianca’s expert insights were invaluable to taking my video work to a completely new level”

John Spence

Author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker.
“One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America” Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

John Spence

Author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker.
“One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America”

“Bianca’s videos increased our conversion rates on Facebook by 24%. LinkedIn by 31%. And our landing page conversion rates by 37%.”

Tom Lombardo

Director of Marketing at Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Tom Lombardo

Director of Marketing at

“I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences of Stage and Screen better than Bianca.”

Gary Hoover

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy. Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Gary Hoover

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy.

“Bianca patiently coached me step by step to adapt my “stage persona” for the lens. The outcome was a more natural on-screen presence.”

Stephen Lynch

"Executive Muscle" Award-Winning Business Author, Speaker,
Strategy Execution Coach, former Mr. NZ Bodybuilding Champion Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Stephen Lynch

"Executive Muscle" Award-Winning Business Author, Speaker,
Strategy Execution Coach, former Mr. NZ Bodybuilding Champion

“Bianca Te Rito is the real deal, she has an innate sense of how to market your brand to your target audience, and use your best qualities to make your brand authentic.”

Linda Webster

Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Linda Webster

Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs

0 Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito



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"Bianca, thank you so very much for all your expert advice and comments. I couldn't quite identify why I looked so out of my comfort zone but you hit the nail on the head immediately!
☆ Victoria, United Kingdom

"Bianca was able to give me advice, coaching and input that made a huge positive impact on how I produced my videos – including lighting, clothing, style, background, voice… Her expert insights were invaluable to taking my video work to a completely new level.
☆ John Spence, Author, Educator, Speaker. "One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America" - Florida

"Bianca's, articles make you look great on camera. In this Youtube age she's invaluable.
☆ Joke and Biagio, TV / Film Producers - Hollywood, LA.

"Bianca, Thank you for sharing such valuable information
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