For many businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all practice for integrating video or on-camera screen work into your personal, professional or business brand. From script to screen and everything in between. Whatever your project, your vision or the story you want to tell we’ve got you covered with our range of custom, flexible creative services.

“Bianca patiently coached me step by step to adapt my “stage persona” for the lens. The outcome was a more natural on-screen presence.”

Stephen Lynch

"Executive Muscle" Award-Winning Business Author, Speaker,
Strategy Execution Coach, former Mr. NZ Bodybuilding Champion

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Stephen Lynch

"Executive Muscle" Award-Winning Business Author, Speaker,
Strategy Execution Coach, former Mr. NZ Bodybuilding Champion

“Bianca Te Rito is the real deal, she has an innate sense of how to market your brand to your target audience, and use your best qualities to make your brand authentic.”

Linda Webster

Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Linda Webster

Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs

“I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences of Stage and Screen better than Bianca.”

Gary Hoover

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy.

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Gary Hoover

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy.

“Bianca’s videos increased our conversion rates on Facebook by 24%. LinkedIn by 31%. And our landing page conversion rates by 37%.”

Tom Lombardo

Director of Marketing at RESULTS.com

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Tom Lombardo

Director of Marketing at RESULTS.com

“Bianca’s expert insights were invaluable to taking my video work to a completely new level”

John Spence

Author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker.
“One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America”

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

John Spence

Author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker.
“One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America”

STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and Production with Bianca Te Rito

Our Portfolio of Services – Highlights

We Can Offer You the Following

One-on-One Personalised Video Presentation Coaching
    • Advising business leaders on how to optimize their on-camera performance so they can present themselves, their products and services, and their brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on-screen. Click here for more about this service

Directing on-camera talent
    • Directing and recording video footage on location with business executives for corporate communications and product demonstrations. Click here to get started

Camera-ready training

Film and video production
Filming, editing and producing compelling videos and creating supporting digital assets.

    • Pre-production: Discovery, goals and strategy, strategic and creative planning, idea development, scripting, budgets and timelines, visual and aesthetic preferences⁣, collate client digital assets⁣, talent casting 
    • Production: Shooting schedule, call sheets, shot lists, film studio equipment set up (camera, audio, lighting, backdrops)
    • On-camera Talent Direction:  Direct and film video presentations and voiceovers⁣, provide on-set video presentation coaching⁣, script supervision, lighting, makeup, hair, and wardrobe adjustments⁣
    • Post-Production: Video editing: raw footage, selects, sequencing, assembling⁣, music selection, sound design⁣, motion design, visual graphics colour grading, subtitles, captions, issue “polished” 1st assemble, finishing and mastering⁣, final deliverable of video assets. Click here for more info

Optimised digital assets
    • have engaging, shareable, beautifully designed with a unique-to-you flair video or audio assets created for online marketing and advertising, social media posts, blog posts, podcasts, webinars.  Click here to contact us to discuss your needs

Video spokesperson and voiceover services
    • Television and online advertising, product demonstrations, and in-house media. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Let us help you amplify your brand, your message, and your thought leadership. Click here to learn more about our service offerings in full.

Established in 2006

Why Leaders Choose Bianca Te Rito

Bianca Te Rito is the founder of STEBIAN.COM. A video presentation coaching,  on-camera talent direction, and full-suite production company. Established in 2006 and co-founded with her husband and business partner of 25 years Stephen Lynch, an award-winning business author and speaker.

With over 20+ years of proven industry experience working in front of and behind the camera. Bianca provides personalized video presentation coaching, on-camera talent direction, and full-suite video production service for business owners, professionals, thought-leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and VIPs.

Bianca works with a variety of clients around the world, with the ability to operate virtually, in-person, or via video collaboration platforms. She works with professional service firms (UK), software companies (San Francisco) talent, and entertainment (Los Angeles). Bianca has coached award-winning business authors and speakers (including one of the top 50 business thought leaders in the USA).

Her mission is to help leaders create compelling thought leadership videos and optimize their on-camera performance. So they can present themselves, their products and services, and their brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on-screen.

What Our Clients Want

Often our clients feel daunted by the idea of putting themselves on video. Some don’t know where to start or are frustrated by the generic, cookie-cutter video marketing advice online. Some want to create and present better videos for their target audience. Some want to avoid on-camera presentation mistakes that can undermine their screen presence and authority.

Most of all they want to…

    • Make a powerful, impactful first impression and present themselves, their product, brand, or service in a professional and persuasive way on video
    • Stop hiding and shying away from doing video – they want to start confidently showing up for their brand on video
    • They want to be able to command the screen in any filming situation and on any media platform or device
    • They want to understand what works well for them on-screen. They want to know what kind of studio set-up (camera, lights, equipment), body position, camera angles, and camera frames work best for their physique, brand, and message
    • They want to feel empowered by their creative process, and in control of their on-camera persona and visual image
    • And they want to create a powerful first impression and position themselves as the go-to source for high-quality thought-leadership in their industry.

Common Client Video Requirements

    • Sharing thought-leadership content
    • Sales presentations (products, services, courses)
    • Product video demonstrations
    • Internal staff communications, investor relations
    • Behind-the-scenes (up close and personal) videos to demonstrate “managed” vulnerability and authenticity as part of their customer engagement strategy
    • Video interviews – live practice and rehearsal whether it’s for one-way-video job interviews, auditions, media, etc.

Access Real-world Experience

In addition to her business background, Bianca has over 20 years of experience working in front of and behind the camera. As a TV/Film screen actor, a video presenter, host, published fitness model and skilled spokesperson.

On-camera highlights for Bianca include:

  • Booked lead roles in major consumer brands for a variety of TV commercials and engaged in a lead role (working with Multi-award winning Director Rachel Davies) to proudly support the New Zealand Women’s Refuge award-winning “Day after Day campaign.” A national TV advertising Annual Appeal for domestic violence that went on to win:
    • Awarded a Silver World Medal at the New York Television and Cinema Advertising Screen Festival in the USA)
    • Voted People’s Choice – AD Media Magazine
    • Awarded Gold – New Zealand Axis Awards
  • Performed lead and support roles in:
    • Short films, television soap operas, serials, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate presentations – as well as principle voice-over work for radio commercials and corporate videos
  • A published cover and fitness features model (12 issues) and a winner of the FitnessLife Magazine nationwide model search
    • Bianca has been featured on Fitness and Lifestyle magazine covers
    • Appeared on billboards, and point-of-sale material
    • She has modeled for fashion runways, charity events, and represented commercial products in fashion campaigns, print and online media.⁣ Fun fact: Bianca booked her first modeling job for a women’s apparel brand at age 12.

Bianca is a passionate advocate and skilled spokesperson in the fields of health, well-being, and fitness. Product promotions, product launches, and appearances at health and fitness media expos, and industry-leading trade shows.⁣

Behind the Scenes

With over 20+ years of industry-related experience, Bianca has contracted her services in TV/film production, TV advertising, public relations, and Governance roles in corporate environments and consulted in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms;

  • Bianca has evaluated the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency. Talent management in agency roles, advertising agency client services for TV commercials and advertising campaigns, public relations, and magazine publishing. And has worked in post-production edit suites as part of a TV advertising firm
  • She has trained to a master’s level in both Meisner and Stanislavski Acting techniques and has studied and collaborated with high-profile casting directors, TV commercial directors, film directors and producers, film editors, agency creative directors and acclaimed acting tutors both in the USA and New Zealand.

From 2009 – 2020 Bianca spent more than 10 years working in Canada and the USA (Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco). There Bianca achieved US Permanent Residency Status (became a Green Card holder) qualifying her to live and work in the USA.

Through her consulting company STEBIAN.com. Bianca continues to volunteer her on and off-camera skills to non-profit organizations that support women, youth at risk, drug and alcohol, and domestic violence initiatives.⁣

You’re in the Best Hands

From this wealth of industry experience in front of and behind the camera. You can be assured that Bianca has the active real-world skills to teach you how to present yourself on camera in the most effective way possible. As well as help you to avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your success and detract from your personal brand.

To summarize

Bianca understands what works and doesn’t on-screen. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself trying to figure it all out. Instead, get personalized coaching, on-camera direction, and actionable camera-ready guidance from an active TV and Film industry professional who is passionate about helping you to deliver and create compelling videos that get the right results!

When you engage Bianca you will get;

    • intimate, personalized coaching service from a highly trained, skilled professional
    • the tailored guidance from a real-world operator with over 20 years of TV/Film industry experience working in front of and behind the camera.

So, if you’re highly driven to stand out in your field. You value substance over hype. You care enough to want the very best for yourself, your audience and you value quality over “average.” Bianca will help you do just that.


Learn more about our full-service offerings.

And choose an option that best suits your needs. Together we can make it happen.



Common Client Blindspots

Even those at the top of their game – don’t know what they don’t know.

 Anyone can put themselves on video. But not everyone is watchable.
Being able to present effectively on video, has become a vital skill for the business leaders of tomorrow. 

 “Just be yourself”, they say. Ah…Not quite!

Have you heard the tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? A large portion of our client base is made up of CEOs and business leaders. Due to the nature of their position, many find themselves surrounded by “yes people” who tell them what they want to hear.

When the person paying you asks, “Was that OK?”, most employees (and third party filming contractors) will say something supportive, “Yes, it’s fine or you were great”. Most won’t say what they honestly think. And most won’t have the real-world expertise to know what to look for on-screen. Let alone articulate the issue, or troubleshoot the situation on the spot.

So the business leader blunders blindly through the video presentation as best they can – oblivious to their credibility gaffes. It’s here that the video camera (and your audience) can be less unforgiving.


 No one dares to tell them…“I’m sorry boss, you’re naked!”


Many leaders often feel like the naked proverbial emperor. This is why they come to Bianca. They want specific direction, independent coaching, or practical solutions to help them present themselves masterfully on video. If you want great results you need to present your best “on-screen, camera-ready self” and Bianca will help you deliver exactly that!

It’s not about talent. It’s about skill. Its 80% learned skills and 20% talent

Professional TV/Film actors, spokespeople, and presenters are trained in skills that optimize the nuances of working in front of the camera lens. They’ve learned proven techniques to help them “sell the shot” (product, service, message, idea, etc). And, they make it look effortless and are paid well for it.

To their target audience, they are perceived as believable, likable, and relatable. They have the ability to captivate the viewer, trigger their emotions, and shape the viewer’s attitudes towards the intended product or service.

Unbeknown to you (the viewer) they (the director, actor, production, etc) are using a ton of visual persuasion techniques like;

    • Preprogrammed (unconscious) emotion-laden-triggering visual clues i.e. sex, beauty, nurturance, status-envy, high/low social status
    • Status indicators, visual triggers that are anxiety-producing (commonly used in high-fashion advertising), brain trappers, and metaphors
    • Subtle sex-roles cues, stylistic principles, and clustering that accentuate feelings of inferiority or superiority
    • Different types of class structures for beauty i.e girl next door, everyday-joe, exotic, classic beauty, etc  – are designed to trigger viewer identification 
    • Engagement techniques that evoke trust, desire, or curiosity to “sell the message” on-screen.

The upside to this is that you can hone these techniques too. You can adopt screen-craft and production techniques that are specifically tailored to you, your message, and your brand to influence and shape the point of view of your intended audience.

Bianca is here to support and guide savvy business owners, thought-leaders, teachers, presenters, business professionals, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and VIPs who want to do masterful video. She wants to help you empower yourself on-screen and contribute to the future growth of your business or personal brand.


Bianca says,

“My role is the link between you and the camera lens. Like a musical instrument, you have a range of notes, melodies, emotions, expressions, colors, and tones that you can access. Your voice, face, body, expression, energy, and the content of your message are all part of this instrument. I’ll help you tune your instrument. So that you can identify and play your best notes. And bring the best version of YOU to the screen. If you’re the hero, I’m your Yoda teaching you how to master the force within.” 


You can start now. Learn more about our full-service offerings.

And choose an option that best suits your needs. Lets make it happen.