Presenter-Focused Pointers for your Video Shoot

Taking you “behind the scenes”. On-camera prep tips for your next video shoot. Plus, common mistakes that can be a challenge to fix in the edit.

How to Demonstrate Product on Video to Maximize Sales

You’d be surprised at how many people fumble or simply forget how to use their hands once the camera is trained on them. Watch this quick “behind the scenes” video and apply this subtle technique in your own business videos.

Screech and Shrill! Why Your Voice May Irritate your Viewer on Video

Think of a voice that is shrill, screechy, loud or jarring. How does it make you feel? Most of us will feel irritated, instinctively turning our heads away trying to mentally tune them out – that’s your brains pre-wired evolutionary survival mechanism kicking in.

Coaching Session: A Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?”

Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?” Not only was he new to appearing on video, he also queried whether his physical appearance would work against him?

Best On-camera Styles for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair? A good hairstyle can enhance your facial features, make you appear more attractive, increase your authority and influence with your audience. A poor style choice will detract from your appearance, reduce your authority and influence. Learn which styles to avoid on video.

How to Effectively and Naturally Read Your Script on Video

If reading on video is something that can’t be avoided or you have limited opportunity to edit the video and don’t want to use B-roll, here are my recommendations for how to effectively read your content on video, and more importantly how to sound natural while doing it.

Model Guide: How to Get Your Hair Camera-Ready for Video

September 26, 2014 Behind the scenes

Learn how to get your hair camera ready for your video shoots. A reader writes to me about a sensitive issue involving how her hair appears on video. I’ve outline steps (taken from my modeling background) that will help you prep your hair for your next video shoot. Learn why adding more volume to your hair is important for on-camera work. Plus bonus tips for thinning hair and what to avoid doing on-screen. These recommendations also apply to my male readers.

Develop a Visual Identity on Video. Invite Your Viewer into your World

August 1, 2014 Pre-Production

Set the Scene. Invite your Viewer into Your Video Space: Everything you see or hear in movies or on TV has been meticulously and deliberately placed there to create the desired effect and influence the audience into thinking, feeling, or responding in a certain way, whether the audience is consciously aware of it or not.

Avoid the Hallmark of Bad Green Screening. Fail Proof Green Screen Tips

Using “green screen” can open up a world of fun and creative possibilities. I am of course assuming you are going to use a green screen to help you communicate your message in a fun, creative way. As you read on, you’ll learn important principles and best practices to help you make the best creative choice for your video creations, as well as avoid any angst when editing your video.

Client Coaching Highlights. Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos?

Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos? With just a few coaching adjustments Alice began to see herself in new creative ways. Coupled with visual production techniques and filming best practices, Alice began to see and experience herself in new creative ways on-screen.

Video Scripting. Your Script is Your Lifeline.

February 15, 2014 Video Presentation Coaching

When people hear the word “script” they typically think of it as being “the words” that get spoken, but a video script goes way beyond that.

The Edit. Video Presentation Coaching

January 17, 2014 Video Presentation Coaching

Most viewers struggle to pay attention when they are forced to look at the same scene for too long. At the most basic level, editing can mean chopping out all the boring bits. Learn to identify these.

13 Fast Tension Busters for Appearing on Video

November 29, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Tension is the number one confidence killer when it comes to appearing on camera or delivering a compelling video presentation. Here’s my go to tension busting list that you can easily apply before stepping in front of the video camera.

Body Language for Persuasive Video Presentations

November 2, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Did you know that the way we position and move our body has a direct influence on how we feel? Our bodies can literally “will us” into thinking and feeling a certain way. Learn more about Body Language that Influences People to Buy and how you can apply it to your own video presentations.

The Psychology of Eye Contact. Video Presentation Coaching

October 18, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

The idea that “the vast majority of communication occurs non-verbally” is quoted everywhere by advertisers, motivational speakers, and in pop psychology articles. The trouble is; it’s just not true.

Speak Like an Anchor on Video. 6 Tips You Need to Know

September 27, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

On-Camera Skills Series: 6 tips you need to know plus key things you must capture in your script before filming your video presentation.

Shrinking Violets and Honest Feet. Video Presentation Coaching

September 6, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Do you use any of these freeze, flight, fight or pacifying behaviors on video? What about your feet – are they honest? In my work with clients, I see many people who are put in front of the video camera for the first time exhibit some or all of the above responses, and they occur at a subconscious level without them even realizing it.

Are you Like a Deer in the Headlights on Video?

On Camera Skills Series: You have probably heard of the term “Fight or flight” as being the human body’s natural stress response to a life or death situation. However it is not entirely accurate. Plus, what does this have to do with appearing on video?

6 Tips to Master Your Nerves on Video

In this article I discuss two extreme styles of presenting which from my experience are symptoms of the same cause – nervousness.

Don’t Blow it. Here’s How to Deliver a Great Video Presentation

I share with you some of my “director” recommendations to get you on the right track when it comes to creating your own video presentations.

How to Speak to the Video Camera (Part 2.) On-camera Skills Series

In this Take Two Video Presentation Coaching episode, the team demonstrates “on-camera” skills that you can easily apply when it comes to addressing or speaking to the video camera. These tips are simple, but when applied are highly effective!

How to Apply the “Rule of Thirds” to Your Video Presentations

February 15, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

In this article you will learn how to easily apply the “Rule of Thirds” and the powerful eye-tracking “F” to your video presentations.

Shift your Focus. Emotionally Influence Your Audience

January 25, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Did you know you can Emotionally Influence Your Audience, control the mood, and direct the attention of your viewers with this simple technique.

Learn the Secrets of Color to Enhance your Video Presentations

January 11, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Learn about color and their symbolic meanings. Why? Advertisers and film directors use a number of skillful production techniques that work at a subconscious level to influence their audiences. Choosing the right colors will help you to create the emotional response you are looking for with your audience.

How Not to Present on Video. Stage vs Screen (Part One)

December 21, 2012 Video Presentation Coaching

In today’s “Take Two” Video Presentation Coaching episode, I discuss how stage presenting techniques may not translate well on video; especially when it comes to voice projection, body movement, facial expressions and intimate distance.

How to Influence Male and Female Viewing Audiences

November 16, 2012 Video Presentation Coaching

Learn about gender influencing film production techniques used by Advertisers and film directors that appeal to male and female viewing audiences. These techniques are used subtly, and they work at a subconscious level.

How to Appear More Confident in Your Video Presentations

October 12, 2012 Video Presentation Coaching

Demonstrating simple but effective techniques that you can easily apply to help you appear more confident, lively and watchable on Video!

Look Good on Video. Get Your Beauty Sleep!

September 21, 2012 Video Presentation Coaching

Science has proven that your viewers can definitely tell when you are tired, and they will rate you as being less attractive on screen.

How to Give Good Face in a TV Interview. Video Presentation Coaching

Onscreen TV/video interviews? Get yourself primed and camera-ready.

Studio Lighting Tips for Your Video Presentations

Easy to apply studio lighting tips for your video presentations. One of the most common mistakes I see is that most people do not appreciate how important it is to light themselves properly. Lighting is a powerful tool and it can create either a positive or a negative first impression on your viewers.

How Not to Ruin a Take. Video Presentation Coaching

Demonstrating elements that can ruin a take; either within your appearance or your background setting. Although these pointers seem obvious, they can be easily missed during your shoot especially if you are filming your own video content.

On-camera Cheating Techniques to Look Good on Video

9 Ways to come across well in your video presentations. Great film directors know how to take an actor’s natural charisma and “direct” them to make sure their every glance and gesture connects with the viewing audience. Apply my recommended cheating techniques!

Why Should People Trust You? Video Presentation Coaching

Customers need to feel they are dealing with a real, authentic person. This is where the role of video presentations will become increasingly important. Learn what strategies you can implement into your own personal brand and business videos.

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged. Video Presentation Coaching

In today’s “Take Two VIDEO” we answer a viewer question on how to keep your audience engaged (as in their eyeballs on the screen). Tangible on-camera and off-camera strategies that you can apply to your own video presentations to help keep your viewers focused on you.

How to Delight the Few to Attract the Many

Studies show that your marketing will be far more effective if you offer your audience 1 or 2 benefits. Learn how to delight the few to attract the many!

How to Create a Great First Impression in Your Video Presentations

It’s vital to manage your first impressions. “Within a few seconds, people have judged your social and economic level, your level of education, and even your level of success.

How to Look Livelier in Your Video Presentations

Demonstrating the “Goldilocks principle” of not being too hot, and not being too cold – but “just right” when it comes to your energy levels on camera. Plus, learn my personal secret on how to increase your energy levels, especially if you are a little shy or introverted.

Why Should Your Audience Care? Video Presentation Coaching

If you are perceived as being dramatically and meaningfully different – you will stand out from the crowd – and you will greatly increase your chances of branding success and video presentation success.

How to Define Your Target Audience for Your Video Presentations

Your target audience is who you “market” your video presentations to. You may choose to “sell” to people on the outer rings that surround this bull’s-eye, however realize that your video presentations will be far more effective if you focus your aim on a small, clearly defined target audience.

Personal Grooming for Your Video Presentations

It sounds obvious, but personal grooming is too often overlooked by people creating their online video presentations. I have seen far too many thought-leaders and business leaders get in front on the camera and look as though they have just climbed out of bed!

Who is Your Target Audience For Your Video Presentations?

When you focus on a specific target market audience, you immediately enhance their perception of you as being the “go to person” in your area of specialization.

Do you Present Like an “Old School” Dinosaur on Video?

Unfortunately, what works well on stage, does not come across well on video camera! Big broad gestures, body movements and facial expressions can come across as “artificial” or inauthentic on video.

What Not to Wear on Video. Video Presentation Coaching

TakeTwo VIDEO: There are important technical requirements to understand when it comes to your clothing selection for video. Applying these tips will save you the hassle or heartache of having to re-shoot your material.

Strategy Before Execution for Your Video Presentations

Filming your video presentations, getting them online, and making a lot of noise to attract attention might be great fun, but “content” is not strategy.

Make-up Tips for Looking Good on Video

TakeTwo Video: Remember the camera sees things differently than the human eye. In this video learn which make-up colors and textures can diminish facial features or look vampire-ish on-screen.

How to Bring Your Personal Vision to Life in 5 Simple Steps

Before you begin filming your video presentations, it is well worth investing time to build your personal vision first. Start by applying these 5 simple steps.

Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand

Strategy Series: In this post I share some simple tips when it comes to building your personal brand for your video presentations.

How to Choose Clothing Colors and Styles for Video

Take Two Video: Remember the camera sees things differently than the human eye. With this in mind we need to be mindful of how certain colors and clothing styles can appear on screen.

Welcome to Our TakeTwo Video Presentation Coaching Show!

Our Take Two Video Presentation Coaching show is now live and I invite you to tune in to our “Ed-u-tainment” series. Where I share video presentation insider tips, techniques, how-to’s, tutorials and Q & A’s here at

How to Set the Scene for Your Video Presentations

TakeTwo Video: Learn how to control all the visual elements within the frame to capture the audience’s attention, influence emotions, and control their viewing experiences.

On-Camera Styling Tips for Men and Women Presenting on Video (Part 2.)

January 11, 2012 Video Presentation Coaching

What you wear has a big impact on how you will be perceived by your viewing audience. However, unless you are in the business of selling clothing, you want your viewers to spend more time looking at your face (and hearing your message) than staring at your clothes in your video presentations.

How to Dress for Success on Video (Part 1.)

December 29, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

Learn how to dress for success on video plus the importance of presenting your “best self” to enhance your credibility authority on screen.

Look Great on Video. Make Up Tips for Men and Women

December 2, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

Careful make-up application is critical. We provide you with a step by step make-up application process, along with expert tips and techniques to get you camera ready for your business videos.

Let’s Make Up! How to Look Good in Your Videos

November 11, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

Careful makeup application is critical, not just to make you look more attractive, but more importantly, to correct the distortions caused by the camera lens and lighting.

How to Give Good Face in Your Video Presentation

October 14, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

No one has a perfectly symmetrical face. But, we all have a “best side”. Read more to discover yours!

Reading From an Autocue? I’m Not Buying it!

September 30, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

With video presentations you give your audience the chance to experience and engage with the real you – your “best self”. Don’t blow it by using an autocue.

“Just be Yourself” They Say? Wrong!

September 2, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

“Just be Yourself” They Say? Wrong! I shake my head in disbelief when I read filming advice from people who obviously have never set foot on a film set, let alone worked or trained in the industry!

Real vs. Fake Smiles in Your Video Presentation

As part of my video presentation coaching work, I see a lot of people who are nervous about appearing on camera. Often they try to compensate either by being very serious and not smiling at all, or they overcompensate by forcing their emotions. Neither which looks great on video.

How to Look Eye to Eye with the Video Camera – Video Presentation Coaching

Get emotionally involved in your subject matter and “feel” the content of your message. If you are not feeling it – your audience won’t be either.

Stage vs. Screen! Video is Intimate. Stage is Not.

Video is Intimate. Stage is Not. In my experience, many people who are used to presenting on stage (or in front of a room), are not aware of how they need to adapt their presentation style to the technical requirements and demands of the camera.

Filming Your Video Presentations? Here’s What the Camera Sees.

When presenting to camera it’s more like having your viewer standing 4 feet away from you – but in reality you are actually under a microscope!

How to Create a Positive Viewer Experience on Video

When you are filming your video presentations, the aim is to create a positive viewer experience (of you) on video so that your audience will be more receptive to your messaging.

Discover how you can reduce anything that could create an audio or visual barrier (consciously or subconsciously) between you and your audience.

Avoid these Common Eye Contact Pitfalls on Video

The video camera can come across as being dominant because it does not interact with you – it observes. Avoid these Common Eye Contact Pitfalls on Video!

Avoid These 3 Body Language Mistakes When Presenting to Camera

While speaking, avoid any hand to face gestures. You will note that most public officials have been trained to avoid such things when addressing their audience or in interview situations – very rarely will you ever see them…

The Lowdown on Camera Angles. For Filming Your Online Videos

When filming your online videos it is important for you to know the effect of using different camera angles, so you can choose to use them in the most persuasive way.

How to Frame Yourself in your Video Presentations

Using the correct camera framing has a powerful subconscious impact on your audience. Learn the basics on how to frame yourself well in your video presentations.

How to Choose Your Video Background

A poor video background choice will detract from you and your key messages. Learn how to choose a good video background and avoid common mistakes!

3 Ways to Achieve Great Results using Affordable Video Equipment

January 26, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

You don’t need to be a Spielberg, nor do you need to spend a fortune on the latest high tech equipment to look great in your business videos. But if you want to stand out from the crowd you will need to purchase some basic pieces of equipment.

Video Presentation Coaching. The Art of Video Presentations!

January 19, 2011 Video Presentation Coaching

Our Video Presentation Coaching series of articles and videos will teach you how to give great online video presentations – whether it’s for; internal staff communications, sales presentations, product demonstrations, web conferencing, webinars, video blogging or simply sharing your thought leadership online.

Delight the Few to Attract the Many – Video Quick Tips

December 3, 2010 Video Presentation Coaching

Delight the Few to Attract the Many – Video Quick Tips. When you have a clear target market audience – your personal brand will have more clarity & focus, and your communications become much more effective.

Why Should Your Target Audience Care About You?

November 9, 2010 Video Presentation Coaching

In my experience many people are too cautious when it comes to presenting their personal brand. If you use bland, generic words and statements to describe who you are and what you do – you will not cut through the clutter!




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