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According to Harvard research, within a couple of seconds, your viewers will make a snap judgment about your income, your level of education, and even your level of success.

Within 30 seconds (assuming you are interesting enough for them to be still watching you) they’ve also judged your level of intelligence, honesty, competence, friendliness, and confidence.

No matter how accurate they are in their judgments, once they have formed this first impression of you, you are pretty much stuck with it.

It is an inescapable fact. “How” you deliver your message can be more important than the message itself. Sadly, too many people undermine all their hard work because they don’t know the secrets of how to give a successful video performance.

Presenting to a camera requires a completely different skill-set from public speaking, which is a fact few people are aware of. Being able to speak to a live audience does not necessarily mean you will come across well on camera. Even confident people can “blow it” when the record button is pushed. The sad thing is, many of them don’t even know they are delivering a poor performance!

Unfortunately, most people who are new to video presenting come across very differently on camera than they do in the flesh, and it can seriously detract from your message.

It is worth remembering that while human beings have evolved as a species over the last two to three million years, spoken language is a relatively recent invention, only tens of thousands of years old. As a result, we are evolved to be more proficient at communicating non-verbally.

How to Present on Video (a working title) is written to be a valuable everyday resource for the novice video presenter looking for guidance on “how to look great on video,” without being bamboozled by film industry jargon.

Bianca wrote this book to take the reader on a step by step journey from being a complete beginner, through to becoming a confident and competent presenter on video. How to Present on Video is value packed with lessons from a broad range of disciplines; from science to psychology, from peak-performance athletics to meditation, from cosmetics to styling, from modeling to acting and TV and film production.

Bianca’s goal with this book is to give you tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to gain the self-confidence and skills to deliver an outstanding video presentation.



Who is this Book for?


Meet some of our clients…and their stories

Alexa the CEO 

Alexa is the CEO of a thriving software company. The marketing team is upgrading the company website, and want to film a video of Alexa sharing her passion for excellence to potential customers.

Alexa is a naturally good speaker. She presents and gives talks in front of groups, and is comfortable being in the limelight. The team hire some video equipment, and set Alexa up in the company foyer with the company logo in the background (following the usual generic recommendations) and start recording.

Unfortunately, Alexa’s natural ability to speak off the cuff fails to materialize when presenting to the camera lens. She trips over her words, blanks in mid-sentence, backtracks and repeats herself often (all of which are nightmares to edit around). It takes dozens of takes to finally get usable soundbites, and by that time Alexa’s energy and enthusiasm have crashed.

The team sits down to review the playback. It’s hard to watch. Alexa is powerful and engaging in front of a live audience, but this is not coming across on video. She looks stressed and uncomfortable, like a startled deer in the headlights. Pale and sweaty, her eyes dart nervously, and her screen presence lacks warmth and energy.

Her people are confused. Even Alexa is cringing. Her cheeks burn red with embarrassment and her confidence takes a nosedive. She feels like she has let herself and her team down with the disappointing video footage, as a result, they’ll need to reshoot some parts and re-hire gear on a day where everyone’s schedules are in synch (not an easy task).

Confidence shaken, Alexa realizes there is more to presenting confidently on video than meets the eye. But what can she do? Her team needs a polished video result and fast…


Clara the Author

Clara’s book became a breakout bestseller and she wants to leverage her fame and create speaking opportunities. She purchased some video equipment for her home office, and a “how to build your own video training course” online.

Predictably, the cookie-cutter course material turned out to be high on hype and low on substance. “Relax. Be authentic. Just be yourself. It’s not about you, it’s about the viewer”, these self-appointed video marketing experts say in their course. They make it sound so simple. 

In theory, these empty platitudes seem plausible, but in practice, this is very poor coaching advice. On video, it’s not about “being yourself”, it’s about presenting “your best self” in a way that enhances your brand and your reputation.

On video, Clara feels self-conscious about her looks and her body weight. Her mouth goes dry. She blinks excessively. Clara speaks so fast that it’s hard to tell where one point ends and the next point begins.

After creating her first video following the cookie-cutter blueprint, all Clara sees is a B-grade version of her A-grade self.  Her message scripting, camera set-up, and video editing have combined to produce a finished product that is, well, underwhelming. The “jump cuts” these so-called experts recommend in video editing (which require the editing mastery of a Quentin Tarantino to artfully pull off) make her video efforts seem sloppy and poorly put together. It undermines the look, feel, and professional tone of her video production.

Worse still these ill-advised, poorly timed edits made Clara look and sound like she can’t even string a full sentence together, let alone a thought. It gives the impression that she makes a lot of speaking mistakes, or that she doesn’t know her content well enough to speak with expert authority.

It certainly isn’t the powerful first impression Clara wants to make as a thought leader.  And to top it off the generic filming recommendations and poor set up makes her look 20 pounds heavier, and 10 years older than she really is. “This isn’t me!”, she exclaims.

Money wasted, Clara feels duped, embarrassed and frustrated. But now what can she do?


Bria the Health and Fitness Guru

Bria is a fitness model with a large social media following. She’s graced the cover of national fitness magazines and is a bundle of enthusiastic energy in person.

Her loud voice and exaggerated facial expressions are assets when teaching an exercise class. But on video, her hypercaffeinated personality and facial over-emoting seem forced and insincere. Bria’s flailing arm and body movements overpower the screen. They upstage her and distract from her message.

Bria knows her stuff and has a passion for sharing knowledge, but her wardrobe choices, poor choice of camera angles, and framing overemphasize her sexuality. It’s a challenge to take her seriously as a business leader and professional. Viewer comments are filled with unwanted attention from males (not her demographic), and aggressive put-downs from females.

Bria wants to be seen as the credible thought leader she is….but what can she do?


Perhaps you can identify?

You do not need to be an established business leader or author to benefit from the lessons contained in this book either. Perhaps you are just starting out on your journey to success and have never appeared on video in a professional capacity before, aside from video chats with friends and colleagues. If you are a complete beginner, that’s perfect, because Bianca has written this book with you in mind.

Typically, you are a person who wants to make a name for yourself. You are a rising star. You want to be in the spotlight, and you want to shine when you get there. You want to learn how to present yourself and your messages effectively on video, but lack the time or the technical skills to know how to do so.

In this practical guide, Bianca Te Rito takes you through her proven step by step coaching process to teach you how to present more effectively on video in any filming situation; whether it is for sales presentations, product demonstrations, internal staff communications, behind the scenes videos, up close and personal vlogs, live video interviews, or sharing their thought leadership online with video.

This is not just theory. Bianca has the trained eye of someone who has spent more than 20 years working in front of and behind the camera. This book contains the process she uses to coach her clients from all around the world; from established business executives to start-up entrepreneurs, to TV/Film industry people, VIPs, and best-selling book authors.

In this Book you will Learn how to:

  • Plan and organize your content delivery for best filming results
  • Identify your best camera angles, framing, lighting, background settings to enhance your onscreen authority
  • Choose your video design and video style to create visually engaging content
  • Script your content, incorporating the archetypal elements of good storytelling from script to screen
  • Structure your shoots, and plan and prepare yourself for the day
  • Create a strong first impression that hooks your viewers in
  • Adopt the secrets top actors use to connect with the camera, and develop your on-camera presence
  • Develop effective eye contact and gestures for maximum effect and influence
  • Manage your internal state to overcome your nerves and anxiety
  • Combine persuasive body language, effective body movement and body positioning
  • Eliminate mannerisms that undermine your credibility
  • Develop body awareness to identify and release stored tension
  • Establish the right energy level and subtext for your message
  • Always look stylish and well dressed in timeless styles and colors that enhance your body shape
  • Choose the best makeup applications for men and women
  • Insider do’s and don’ts. Avoid common mistakes that can detract from your personal brand
  • Use editing techniques to tell your story in a visually dynamic way
  • Pre-visualization / edit outlines and best practice
  • Plus many, many, many more juicy secrets that will help to enhance your on-screen presence.


Please enter your email address to get onto our “early notify  list.” We’ll contact with details of the book release date, plus (pre-launch) promotions and behind the scene freebies that you can use for your video content?


About Bianca Te Rito

So…Why do Clients Choose Bianca?

You are in the best hands. Bianca is a highly trained and skilled professional. When you engage Bianca you will get an intimate, personalized coaching service. You will get the tailored advice from a real-world operator with over 20 years of TV/Film industry experience working in front of and behind the camera.

Throughout her career Bianca has collaborated with 1000s of people from all walks of life, working with professionals at the top of their game, to total newbies. She has coached, observed, hired, cast, and managed actors, presenters models, and talent. Bianca has seen and experienced the nitty-gritty that happens behind the scenes, she knows firsthand that no one (no matter how beautiful, smart, successful, wealthy, powerful, or famous) wants to feel foolish in front of the camera. No one wants to be laughed at, rejected, or ignored. It takes a knowledgeable and caring approach to build people’s self-confidence and get the best out of them on screen.

Experience in Front of the Camera

When you work with Bianca, you get one of a kind expert coaching and advice from a professional TV/film actress and model (who booked her first modeling job aged 12).

Bianca is a trained screen actress and spokesperson, who has performed lead roles in:

  • Short films, TV soap operas
  • High profile TV commercials
  • Corporate videos, non-broadcast and music videos
  • Radio commercials.

In addition, she has featured on Fitness and Lifestyle magazine covers, billboards, point-of-sale material and has featured regularly as a fitness model. Bianca has modeled for fashion runways, events, and represented commercial products in fashion campaigns, print media, online media, and television.

She has booked high profile TVCs (TV commercials) campaigns for consumer brands; Colgate, Nestle, Sanitarium, Wiltshire to list a few and was engaged in a lead role for Women’s Refuge in a nationwide social awareness campaign, that later went on to win silver (New York Screen Festival).

Experience Behind the Scenes

Bianca has also worked behind the camera in TV/film production, Casting, TV advertising, Public relations and Governance roles in corporate environments and in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. She has talent managed / model booked in agency roles, evaluated the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency, and has worked in post-production edit suites as part of a TV advertising firm.

She has trained to a master’s level (a 5-year weekly class commitment) in both Meisner and Stanislavski acting techniques and has studied and worked with high profile casting directors, TV commercial directors, producers, film editors, creative directors and acclaimed acting tutors.

Bianca also continues to audition for TV and Film projects in L.A. and San Francisco – and attends regular acting, and performance classes to stay industry-sharp.

Today, as the founder and CEO of Bianca provides an exclusive, personalized virtual consulting service for business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, public speakers and the occasional VIP to help them present themselves, their product, service or brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on video.

In her forthcoming book How to Present on Video, Bianca teaches you the secrets of how to present yourself on camera in the most effective way possible, and help you avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your success.


Enter your email address to get onto our “early notify  list.” We’ll contact with details of the book release date, plus (pre-launch) promotions and behind the scene freebies that you can use for your video content?