Video Presentation Coaching

Presenter-Focused Pointers for your Video Shoot

Taking you “behind the scenes”. On-camera prep tips for your next video shoot. Plus, common mistakes that can be a challenge to fix in the edit.

How to Demonstrate Product on Video to Maximize Sales

You’d be surprised at how many people fumble or simply forget how to use their hands once the camera is trained on them. Watch this quick “behind the scenes” video and apply this subtle technique in your own business videos.

Screech and Shrill! Why Your Voice May Irritate your Viewer on Video

Think of a voice that is shrill, screechy, loud or jarring. How does it make you feel? Most of us will feel irritated, instinctively turning our heads away trying to mentally tune them out – that’s your brains pre-wired evolutionary survival mechanism kicking in.

Coaching Session: A Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?”

Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?” Not only was he new to appearing on video, he also queried whether his physical appearance would work against him?

Best On-camera Styles for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair? A good hairstyle can enhance your facial features, make you appear more attractive, increase your authority and influence with your audience. A poor style choice will detract from your appearance, reduce your authority and influence. Learn which styles to avoid on video.

How to Effectively and Naturally Read Your Script on Video

If reading on video is something that can’t be avoided or you have limited opportunity to edit the video and don’t want to use B-roll, here are my recommendations for how to effectively read your content on video, and more importantly how to sound natural while doing it.

Client Coaching Highlights. Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos?

Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos? With just a few coaching adjustments Alice began to see herself in new creative ways. Coupled with visual production techniques and filming best practices, Alice began to see and experience herself in new creative ways on-screen.

Are you Self-conscious on Video? Master your Oncamera Fears like a Pro

Jedi mindset tricks to help you Master your on-camera fears. Learn how you can stop zeroing in on your flaws and discover how you can be masterful, compelling and commanding in your videos.

The Psychology of Eye Contact. Video Presentation Coaching

October 18, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

The idea that “the vast majority of communication occurs non-verbally” is quoted everywhere by advertisers, motivational speakers, and in pop psychology articles. The trouble is; it’s just not true.

Speak Like an Anchor on Video. 6 Tips You Need to Know

September 27, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

On-Camera Skills Series: 6 tips you need to know plus key things you must capture in your script before filming your video presentation.

Shrinking Violets and Honest Feet. Video Presentation Coaching

September 6, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Do you use any of these freeze, flight, fight or pacifying behaviors on video? What about your feet – are they honest? In my work with clients, I see many people who are put in front of the video camera for the first time exhibit some or all of the above responses, and they occur at a subconscious level without them even realizing it.

Are you Like a Deer in the Headlights on Video?

On Camera Skills Series: You have probably heard of the term “Fight or flight” as being the human body’s natural stress response to a life or death situation. However it is not entirely accurate. Plus, what does this have to do with appearing on video?

6 Tips to Master Your Nerves on Video

In this article I discuss two extreme styles of presenting which from my experience are symptoms of the same cause – nervousness.