How to Define Your Target Audience for Your Video Presentations


Imagine an archery target with a bull’s eye in the center.

Think of your target audience as being the center of your marketing bull’s eye.

When filming your video presentations, your target audience is the type of person you most want to delight with your presentation.

Remember the rule for marketing success – “Delight the few to attract the many”.

 Think of your target audience as being the center of your marketing bull’s eye. 

Your target audience is who you “market” your video presentations to. You may choose to “sell” to people on the outer rings that surround this bull’s eye, however, realize that your video presentations will be far more effective if you focus your aim on a small, clearly defined target audience.

As any archery instructor will tell you, aim for the bulls-eye and you will probably hit the target – rather than miss the whole thing altogether.

So How do You Define Your Target Audience?

    1. Firstly, picture in your mind your ideal customer. You enjoy working with them. They are profitable to serve. They can influence other potential customers to buy from you. If you could clone them, you’d love to have thousands more like them. You can see there is good growth potential to serve this type of customer over the next 3-5 years
    2. How would you describe this ideal customer in terms of their demographics? E.g. how old are they, are they male or female, what is their occupation, income, geography?
    3. How would you describe them in terms of their psychographics? E.g. what behaviors, beliefs, lifestyle, or brand preferences do they have in common?

Just as you have created a vision board to capture your personal goals, it is a good idea to also create a collage of your ideal target customer.

The more detailed you can paint this picture of your ideal target customer, the more focused and effective your video presentations will be.

In my next article, you’ll learn: “Why should your target audience care about you?




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