Bianca Te Rito

Founder of ★ Video Presentation Coaching and Production★ Established in 2006 Bianca has provided an exclusive, personalized consulting service for business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers, best-selling authors and VIPs to help them present themselves, their products, services, or brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on video.  Her clients want to master the screen and command the lens, in a compelling way and in any filming situation. With Bianca, you’ll get the tailored expertise from a real-world operator with over 20 years of TV/Film industry experience working in front of and behind the camera.  Enhance your on-camera presence, influence, and screen confidence with compelling video presentations. Find out more today.

Presenter-Focused Pointers for your Video Shoot

Taking you “behind the scenes”. On-camera prep tips for your next video shoot. Plus, common mistakes that can be a challenge to fix in the edit.

How to Demonstrate Product on Video to Maximize Sales

You’d be surprised at how many people fumble or simply forget how to use their hands once the camera is trained on them. Watch this quick “behind the scenes” video and apply this subtle technique in your own business videos.

Screech and Shrill! Why Your Voice May Irritate your Viewer on Video

Think of a voice that is shrill, screechy, loud or jarring. How does it make you feel? Most of us will feel irritated, instinctively turning our heads away trying to mentally tune them out – that’s your brains pre-wired evolutionary survival mechanism kicking in.

Coaching Session: A Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?”

Business Owner asks, “Should I front my own videos?” Not only was he new to appearing on video, he also queried whether his physical appearance would work against him?

Best On-camera Styles for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair? A good hairstyle can enhance your facial features, make you appear more attractive, increase your authority and influence with your audience. A poor style choice will detract from your appearance, reduce your authority and influence. Learn which styles to avoid on video.

How to Effectively and Naturally Read Your Script on Video

If reading on video is something that can’t be avoided or you have limited opportunity to edit the video and don’t want to use B-roll, here are my recommendations for how to effectively read your content on video, and more importantly how to sound natural while doing it.

Model Guide: How to Get Your Hair Camera-Ready for Video

September 26, 2014 Behind the scenes

Learn how to get your hair camera ready for your video shoots. A reader writes to me about a sensitive issue involving how her hair appears on video. I’ve outline steps (taken from my modeling background) that will help you prep your hair for your next video shoot. Learn why adding more volume to your hair is important for on-camera work. Plus bonus tips for thinning hair and what to avoid doing on-screen. These recommendations also apply to my male readers.

Develop a Visual Identity on Video. Invite Your Viewer into your World

August 1, 2014 Pre-Production

Set the Scene. Invite your Viewer into Your Video Space: Everything you see or hear in movies or on TV has been meticulously and deliberately placed there to create the desired effect and influence the audience into thinking, feeling, or responding in a certain way, whether the audience is consciously aware of it or not.

Avoid the Hallmark of Bad Green Screening. Fail Proof Green Screen Tips

Using “green screen” can open up a world of fun and creative possibilities. I am of course assuming you are going to use a green screen to help you communicate your message in a fun, creative way. As you read on, you’ll learn important principles and best practices to help you make the best creative choice for your video creations, as well as avoid any angst when editing your video.

Client Coaching Highlights. Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos?

Do You Make These 6 Unique Mistakes in your Videos? With just a few coaching adjustments Alice began to see herself in new creative ways. Coupled with visual production techniques and filming best practices, Alice began to see and experience herself in new creative ways on-screen.

Are you Self-conscious on Video? Master your Oncamera Fears like a Pro

Jedi mindset tricks to help you Master your on-camera fears. Learn how you can stop zeroing in on your flaws and discover how you can be masterful, compelling and commanding in your videos.

13 Fast Tension Busters for Appearing on Video

November 29, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Tension is the number one confidence killer when it comes to appearing on camera or delivering a compelling video presentation. Here’s my go to tension busting list that you can easily apply before stepping in front of the video camera.

Body Language for Persuasive Video Presentations

November 2, 2013 Video Presentation Coaching

Did you know that the way we position and move our body has a direct influence on how we feel? Our bodies can literally “will us” into thinking and feeling a certain way. Learn more about Body Language that Influences People to Buy and how you can apply it to your own video presentations.