Stephen Lynch author of Business Execution for RESULTS


Stephen Lynch

Business Execution for RESULTS

What do a police officer, a champion bodybuilder, a pharmaceutical sales and marketing manager, a nightclub DJ, a software entrepreneur, a chief operating officer of a strategy consulting firm, and a business execution expert have in common? The answer: Stephen Lynch, who has been and done all that.

Jim Collins likes to talk about “getting the right people on the bus,” but Stephen Lynch could have pulled that bus, and all those people, right down the street. That’s the kind of challenge you have to meet when you compete in New Zealand’s Strongest Man competition, as Stephen did in 1993.

That same year, he was crowned “Mr. New Zealand Bodybuilding Champion.” Five years earlier, Stephen had made winning that national title his primary goal. He studied bodybuilding and nutrition and what top performers actually did. Then he put together a rigorous strategic plan and followed it, winning the title on his first attempt.

That’s the model he’s used ever since in his personal life and in business: First, you set a big goal. Then you gather information to find out what the facts are and what the top performers do. Next, you develop a well-considered strategic plan that you follow every day, pausing at regular intervals to assess the environment, your goal, your progress, and your strategy.

As the Chief Operating Officer of, Stephen is responsible for researching and developing the strategic planning and business execution practices incorporated in’s software and consulting services, and contained in the book Business Execution for RESULTS.

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