Getting Fitted with Google Glass

Getting Fitted with Google Glass with Bianca Te Rito Video Presentation Coaching 4

In February 2013 Google opened up 8,000 spaces for the general public to apply for their Google Glass Explorers program. Over the course of 4 months Google’s “Project Glass” division rolled-out “Schedule your pick-up” invitations in what seemed like drip fed batches.

Some individuals in various online communities were trying to figure out if there was some type of algorithm to the invitation process, as people with supposedly less “influence” were receiving their invitations ahead of those with more influence. Some individuals ranted, some were stressing, some took polls, some collected and analyzed data about who received what and when. The drama was fascinating! It was likely a clever marketing move by Google, using tactics like social currency and influence to create insider online buzz.

Schedule Your Pick-up

I received my invitation in late May and scheduled my Google Glass fitting appointment in early June.


The confirmation from The Glass Team provided instructions to:

      • enable Bluetooth tethering on my mobile data plan
      • have a Google Gmail account so that I could sign into My Glass
      • and to have a Google+ Account so that I can share my content direct from the Glass device.

Fortunately, I only use Google products, so they already had me at hello!


Throughout the invitation process, the Glass Team were super responsive, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful!

I even asked a couple of favors – to be able to bring 2 people with me to my fitting – and the Glass Team sought permission on my behalf with Google Head office who granted it! How Cool! Plus, I wanted to change my color choice (see video below).

The Glass Fitting

June 5th was Glass day, so I rocked on up to Google LAX in Venice Beach, California (5 mins away from my old apartment at the time) with my video camera in one hand and my ID in the other, vlogging all the way. I met my very cool Glass Guide outside the Google LAX Campus (who fortunately grants me permission to film) and signs me in.

Check out my candid video below detailing my Google Glass fitting experience. My Glass guide shares tips throughout this vlog (see time-codes below – clickable if you play this video inside the Youtube platform).

Note: These videos are from my personal YouTube channel which I use for personal Vlogging and travel. This channel is completely distinct from my YouTube channel, which I use for my video presentation consulting business.

Tips and Highlights

• Oooo The Colors: 00:30
• Try them ALL on!: 01:35
• Best GLASS placement: 01:16 + 02:05
• Adjusting GLASS Fit: 02:23
• Ease into GLASS: 02:40
• Nose Pads: 03:02
• L/Hair: 04:12
• Lens hinge adjustment: 04:42
• QR Code generation: 05:10
• Cell phone pairing: 05:31
• MyGlass AP / Glassware: 05:51
• Google NOW / Notification push: 06:43
• Quickest way to take a Picture: 07:26
• Take a Video: 07:43
• Video Tips on GLASS: 07:49
• GLASS Video Pov 07:54
• Video extend longer than 10 secs: 08:10
• Automatic Google Search: 09:10
• Lol…That was strange: 10:29

The Next Day…

I received a personalized follow-up email from the Glass Support Team, checking in and asking if I was able to access the official MyGlass Community where you can introduce yourself, troubleshoot, send Glass Guides notes, join discussions and see what the Glassware Developers are up to (developers who are designing for Glass using the Mirror API).

Picture3Plus I get added (by my Glass Guide) to the whitelist Mirror API group – set up for developers designing, building glassware applications specifically for Glass. Why? Because I’m curious about these kinds of things.


4 Days Later – Troubleshoot with Glass Support

On June 9th, I experienced issues scanning my QR code through my MyGlass App. I emailed Glass Support (you can phone-in too) about the issue, they dug a little deeper and discovered an issue with my Unique ID. After three emails Glass Support remedied the issue.

Their emails to me were friendly with concise instructions. Over the phone they were super patient (i.e. not rushing to get you off the line) they didn’t use “tech speak” and explained things in full. It felt like (to me) that they thrived on “solving problems” and really enjoyed doing it too!

20 Days Later – Survey Time

On June 25th I received an email from Glass Support to take a quick Glass Explorer Feedback survey. “We want to know what you think. Whether you love it or hate it, whether you wear it constantly or occasionally, let us know: you are helping us to shape the future of this technology, and we can’t do it without you.”



42 Days Later – 2nd Survey

On July 17th I received another email from Glass Support, this one was a survey based on a dissatisfied – satisfied rating scale asking questions about my Glass Fitting experience; my interaction with my Glass Guide, my thoughts on in-person fittings, would I recommend the device, requests for improvements etc.



46 Days Later – 3rd Survey

Its Sunday, July 21 and a 3rd email arrives from Glass Support. Its a Survey asking for feedback on how my contact and customer service experience was with them (again based on a dissatisfied/satisfied rating scale). The email also had an easy “reply-back or chat with us” offer – nice touch!


50 Days Later – 4th Survey

It’s Thursday, July 25 (4 days between surveys). This Survey from Glass Support is asking for candid feedback: i.e Do you love it or hate it? Do you wear it often? What functions do you use more so over others? (again based on a dissatisfied/satisfied rating scale).

Note: I posted on various online Glass communities to see if other Glass Explorers had been receiving surveys. Judging from the feedback the majority had said no. Others voiced that the whole process is random –  but personally, I have a differing view.


55 Days Later – A Social Mention

It’s Tuesday, July 30 and I receive a sweet tweet from the official Google Glass Twitter handle, thanking me for sharing my Glass fitting experience. Its the first time we have ever exchanged tweets.


2 Hours Later  – “Invite a Friend” from Glass Support

On the same-day July 30 (two hours after the above tweet) I receive an exciting email from Glass Support with an invitation to “Invite a Friend“, a chance to refer them into the Glass Explorers  Program with these requirements: Be a US resident, is 18 years+ and able to pick up their Glass in either San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles.  All I needed to do was click on the bright shiny blue button which launched a quick form asking the following questions:

      • Your Friends: Name and Gmail 
      • Your Referral: Name and Gmail
      • Your Relationship to the Referral and writing space for why they would be a good Explorer
      • Click submit and the form took me back to the main Google Glass landing page 

Also, there has been more commentary around this “experiment” from Sarah Price (Google Glass Community Advocate) “It’s independent of #ifihadglass (although some #ifihadglass Explorers may receive the above email)”  and that “no more emails are going out right now for this experiment”.

Even though I submitted  my invite application (10mins after I received the email announcement) I have received offers ranging from $100, $300, $1000 dollars to sell my invite, some have been from young teenagers (with wealthy parents) and some from complete strangers eager to get their hands on the device.  Glass fever!

Refer a Friend


58 Days Later – Aug 2: My Invitee Receives their Invitation

Friday 2nd August 3.45pm. My invitee receives their Glass invitation via email. The email says “Hi there, Bianca Te Rito told us that you would be a great addition to the Glass Explorer program, and we agree. If you are down to join us, start here” (hyperlinks to the Google Glass purchase page). My invite is issued with the standard Glass Explorer pick-up instructions.


96 Days Later – 5th Survey

It’s Monday, September 9th (46 days between surveys). This is a Mini Survey from Glass Support asking some interesting questions i.e Where don’t you wear Glass? How have peoples reactions been? What additional functions would you like? Do others ask you not to use Glass around them etc…(again based on a rating scale).

5th MGS 9 Sept BT.png

100 days: My Invitee Glass Fitting (San Francisco, September 13, 2013)

Quick vlog, taking my husband to his Google Glass Fitting. Notice the cool urban vibe at the Google SFO office. Different from my LA fitting but fun times all the same.

150 days: Invite a Friend: “Part Two” (October 28, 2013)

Received another email from Glass Support to invite 3 additional friends to the Glass Explorers Program.


This has been my experience so far with the rollout of Google Glass and my interactions with the Glass Support Team.

Filming Experimentation 

To date, I have been experimenting with filming first person POV in particular, filming fitness tips and recommendations for shooting with Glass on my personal Vlog channel. Catch the playlist here.

To my readers interested in Google Glass I’ll keep you posted of any updates. Also, let me know if you have questions about the Google Glass device or if you would like for me to cover anything from a filming perspective. For your quick reference of  I have created a new category for this topic here:  Google Glass Series

In the meantime, I have more Video Presentation Coaching articles and “how to” videos coming up for the rest of the year so stay tuned. Plus, for those curious about Google Glass, you can visit them here.





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