My Lead up to Getting Google Glass. The Glass Explorers Program

My Lead up to Getting Google Glass with Bianca Te Rito Video Presentation Coaching

This is a candid video chronicle of my experience in applying for and obtaining Google Glass. 

Note: These videos are from my personal YouTube channel which I use for personal Vlogging and travel. This channel is completely distinct from my YouTube channel, which I use for my video presentation consulting business.

Bianca Te Rito Youtube channel

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Glass Explorers (Backstory)

After initially seeding the device with developers in 2012, Google opened up applications in February 2013 to the general public for the Google Glass Explorers program via Google+ and Twitter. They were looking for 8000 bold, creative people to test and promote the device, as well as experiment with the possibilities that this new wearable technology could offer. They asked, “What would you do if you had glass?”

I applied to say that making video is a big part of my business and lifestyle and that I would use Glass to educate, entertain and share experiences. I created a collage to illustrate this concept and shared this image with my application.

ifihadglass application Bianca Te Rito 1

On March 28 I was passing through Las Vegas, enjoying a meal at Battista’s Hole in the Wall, an Italian restaurant made famous back in the Rat Pack days, when I received a tweet from Google Project Glass, “You’re invited to join our #glassexplorers program. Woohoo!”

Google Glass Explorers Invitation to Bianca Te Rito 1

On May 23 I received a direct message notification via Twitter that my Glass was ready for purchase – with a link to buy and schedule my pick-up.

Bianca Te Rito Glass G link

Google Glass Purchase with Bianca Te Rito

I still smile to myself when I think about how effectively they marketed the concept of “winning” the chance to pay Google $1500 to test a new product before they release it to the wider public. Not only that, you needed to have a Google+ account and use Google Wallet to make the purchase. Genius!

I recently moved to San Francisco, but at the time I was living in Venice, Los Angeles, and was invited to book a half hour time slot to pick up my Glass from GoogleLax in Venice. The online booking system was booked solid through to the end of May, but I managed to book myself in for June 5.  Note: Glass Support emailed me several times to see if I wanted to schedule an earlier pick-up – which was a nice touch.

Glass Fitting times

The pickup instructions said to make sure that you enable blue tooth tethering on your mobile data plan so that you can use Glass when you’re out and about.

Google Glass Pick up with Bianca Te Rito

They also said you could bring one person with you. I was fortunate that my “Glass Guide” let me video the whole Glass fitting experience, during which my Glass guide shared tips and advice throughout the fitting process.


Quick Vine At GoogleLAX, Venice Beach

So far I have been experimenting with filming and photographing through Glass – which has been a lot of fun! I’ll post results, feedback and best practice tips in future articles.

Also, let me know if you have questions about the Google Glass device or if you would like for me to cover anything from a filming perspective. For your quick reference of  I have created a new category for this topic here:  Google Glass Series

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