Delight the Few to Attract the Many in Your Business Videos

Your video presentations must answer 3 questions from the perspective of your target audience:

1. Why should I care?

2. What’s in it for me?

3. Why should I believe you?

The Next Step

Answer question 2. You must clearly and simply state what it is that you do – or more specifically, what is the benefit for them to pay attention to you and do business with you?

Studies show that your marketing will be far more effective if you offer your audience 1 or 2 benefits at most, and state them in blunt, simple terms that a teenager could easily understand.

Some people make the mistake of offering too many benefits or services – thinking that by passing themselves off as a “1 stop shop” they will attract more business.


 Make yourself known for doing 1 thing really well – you will be more likely to be remembered and recommended 

Avoid Confusion

Offering too many choices (as in the “1 stop shop”) just creates confusion.

Nobody is going to believe that you can be an expert at everything. Don’t try to be the Jack or Jackie of all trades. Marketing success favors the specialist over the generalist.

If you can succeed in making yourself known for doing 1 thing really well – you are far more likely to be remembered and recommended.

Let ’em Say No

It is OK for people to say “No” to you because what you offer doesn’t apply to them. They were never going to be your customer anyway.

However, it is inexcusable for someone who fits your target audience profile to say “No” to you because they don’t understand what you stand for – because you have not been clear enough.

To be successful with your business video presentations you must make your offer blunt, clear, and easy to understand.

What’s your blunt, overt offer?




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