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Why Should Your Target Audience Care About You STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito
Once you have identified the target market audience (see How to Define Your Target Audience) for your video presentations – the people you want to delight and excite the most with what you have to offer – you then need to think about how to market yourself.

This is where “The 3 Laws of Marketing Physics” comes into play.

Marketing Your Video Presentations

Your video presentations (and the way you market yourself) must answer 3 questions from the perspective of your target audience:

1.         Why should I care?

2.         What’s in it for me?

3.         Why should I believe you?

Let’s Start with Number 1. Why Should They Care?

What makes you stand out from the crowd as being meaningfully different?  What words come to mind when your target audience hears your name?

Remember, you need to be truly unique in your field or you risk being overlooked.  If your brand looks and sounds like everyone else – then you are not a brand – you are just a commodity.

Be bold, exciting, and thought-provoking if you want your target audience to care about you

In my experience, any people are too cautious when it comes to their personal brand.  If you use bland, generic words and statements to describe who you are and what you do – you will not cut through the noise!

Instead, you need to be bold, exciting, and thought-provoking if you want your target audience to care about you.  Take what you think makes you different and “multiply it by 10” turn the volume up.

If you are perceived as being dramatically and meaningfully different – you will stand out from the crowd – and you will greatly increase your chances of branding and video presentation success.

For example, what I believe makes me unique is that  I have a trained eye of someone who has spent more than 20 years working in front of the camera; from giving auditions as a TV actor, presenter and spokesperson to performing lead roles in short films, TV soap operas, fronting TV commercials, music videos – performing voice-overs for radio commercials and corporate videos – and featuring as a model in fitness, commercial advertising, and fashion campaigns in print media as well as fronting product promotions, product launches, health and fitness expos and trade shows.

I have also worked behind the camera in TV/film production from being a talent management agent to evaluating the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency, to post-production edit suites as part of an advertising firm.

Review questions

  1. What makes you stand out from the crowd as being meaningfully different to your audience?
  2. If you were to ask your viewers what two or three words come to mind when they think of you, what words would they say?






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