Personal Grooming for Your Video Presentations


Personal Grooming for Your Video Presentations with Bianca Te Rito

Video Presentation Coaching: In today’s “Take Two Video Show”, Binxie and our “rough diamond” Bud demonstrate personal grooming for video presentations.

It sounds obvious, but personal grooming is too often overlooked by people creating their online video presentations. I have seen far too many thought-leaders and business leaders get in front of the camera and look as though they have just climbed out of bed!  This weakens the impact of their key messages.

Key Learning Points:

  • Your look must be congruent with your brand
  • Small details matter when it comes to personal grooming
  • How to avoid visual distractions


First impressions are crucial if you are selling yourself, your products or thought leadership online. In just 3 seconds people will form a first impression of you that will be extremely hard to shake.

Applying the tips in this video will save you the hassle or heartache of having to re-shoot your material – especially if your “look” upstages your message.

The camera magnifies things within the confines of the frame.
A 5 o’clock shadow can alter how the skin appears on-screen, a smooth shave gives a much better skin tone coloration

Side note for men: Facial hair is not often seen on TV presenters and hosts. If you are not careful, studio lighting can make the presenter’s facial hair appear disheveled and untidy on screen. Remember, the camera magnifies things within the confines of the frame. A 5 o’clock shadow can alter how the skin appears on-screen and is generally not a good broadcast look because of this. A smooth shave gives a much better skin tone coloration.

Play this video now!

Learn what to look out for and check prior to shooting your video presentation – some of the demos are true accounts!

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