How to Bring Your Personal Vision to Life in 5 Simple Steps

In my previous article “Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand” I wrote that the more vivid and compelling you can paint your personal vision of your ideal future – the greater your chances of achieving it.

Before you begin filming your video presentations, it is well worth investing the time to create your personal vision first.

Start by applying the following steps.

  1. Answer the questions outlined in this articleThink About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand
  2. Create a visual representation of your ideal future. Use images and words that “emotionally” appeal to you, that get you excited, and get you thinking “What if?”
  3. Look at your personal vision, and emotionally connect with it every day.
    • 1 to 5 mins is all you need.
    • See yourself stepping into your personal vision.
    • Involve as many senses as possible.
    • Ask yourself: How would you feel? What do you hear? Who is around you?
    • Do you see your personal vision in front of you? Or are you actually walking around in it? Either way is fine – do what works best for you. The visualization process should not be a strain. 
  4. Note: The moment you feel any self-doubt or any negativity, stop and rewind your visualization. Run it again, and this time reinforce the visualization with encouraging self-talk. Continue on with your visualization for as long as you can without distraction or strain
  5. It’s important to acknowledge any self-doubt or negativity. These feelings are guides to help you uncover any conscious or unconscious beliefs/blockages. It’s worth taking the time to investigate them so that you can consciously clear a path forward.
    • Another alternative is to use symbols. The brain loves images, symbols, metaphors
    • Visualize your challenge, or blockage as a symbol. Hold that symbol up towards the brightest light you can imagine in your mind’s eye and release your symbol to it
    • See your symbol, dissolve, fade, and melt away in the presence of this powerful light.   

You want to be able to instantly recall your “Personal Vision” in your minds-eye. In times when you feel flat or uninspired, you’ll be able to access your vision quickly and all the emotional feel-good associations built over time with your vision practice. It’ll help to lift your spirits, get you anchored, and back into alignment.

Remember, the mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. And it’ll pay more attention to any heightened emotion and visually stimulating, novel images.


Keep your Vision Tactile

In the past, I would cut out images from magazines and create collages for my “personal vision board”, and strategically post these on walls around the home in places where I would see them often.  I have found that placement next to a mirror works really well. Even better, try placing your personal vision board opposite your mirror that way you can see yourself and your vision board (in the reflection) together.


Go Digital or Virtual

I recommend that you keep your personal vision digital and portable. For example, all of my screen devices have my vision board set as a screensaver, and once I have achieved something off-of my personal vision board I’ll update my vision with a new goal or image.


Be Congruent in Thought and Deed

To keep my thoughts and actions congruent, I frequently look at my personal vision board and ask myself, “is what I am doing right now moving me closer or further away from my personal vision?” If it’s not, I’ll stop doing it immediately.

Life and time are two things we cannot get more of – both are far too precious to squander.

What are you going to do to bring your personal vision to life?

Remember if you have a burning question or you what me to cover a topic let me know. I’m always listening!

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