Take Two Video Coaching Series

Many clients come to me unsure about how to market themselves, let alone deliver effective video presentations. Before you hit the record button you need to know who you are talking to, what you stand for, your key messages, and the best way to communicate these messages on video.

“TakeTwo” is the name of my “ed-u-tainment” video presentation coaching series. I decided to create a cast of characters (Binxie, Bree, Bebe, and Bud) to help teach key video presenting concepts, as I would rather “send myself up” than use other people’s videos as examples of what not to do on camera

In this series I will share with you insider tips, techniques, how-to’s, tutorials and Q & A’s in a tongue-in-cheek way, as well as research-proven methodologies that will teach you how to present your key messages on video to your target audience in the most effective way possible. Plus, some behind the scenes fun!

Have Questions?

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what your biggest challenges are when it comes to creating your own video presentations or presenting/appearing on camera? Post your question here and I will endeavor to answer it privately or in future episodes.

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 How to Speak to the Video Camera (Part 2.)

In today’s “Take Two” Video Presentation Coaching episode, the team demonstrates “on-camera” skills that you can easily apply, and I discuss how presenting to a video camera requires a completely different skill set from stage presenting (a fact few people are aware of), plus more look good on video tips!

Stage v’s. Screen. How Not to Present on Video

In today’s “Take Two” Video Presentation Coaching episode, I discuss how stage presenting techniques may not translate well on video!. See full post: How Not to Present on Video. Stage vs Screen (Part One)

Behind the Scenes – Camera Ready Hair (preview)

Quick behind the scenes preview video. Hair prep for getting your hair camera ready for your video shoots. I outline steps in this full guide to help you create more volume (for thinning hair) plus what to avoid doing to help you get your hair camera ready for your video shoots. These tips also apply to my male readers / viewers.

 Behind the Scenes – Chroma Key Test

Testing various chroma key looks. Catch the full article here if you want to learn more about using a green screen in your own video presentations.