Are you a business professional who is serious about creating better video presentations?

1st impressions are crucial. Within a couple of seconds, your viewers have judged your income, level of education, and even your level of success.

Within 30 seconds (assuming you are interesting enough for them to be still watching) they’ve also judged your level of intelligence, honesty, competence, friendliness, and confidence. Once they have formed this 1st impression, you are stuck with it.

It is an inescapable fact.  “How” you deliver your message can be more important than the message itself. Many people undermine all their hard work because they don’t know the secrets of how to give a successful video performance.

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Confidence in Front of the Video Camera

Presenting to a camera requires a completely different skill-set from public speaking; a fact few people are aware of. Being able to speak to a live audience does not necessarily mean you will come across well on camera. Even confident people can “blow it” when the record button is pushed. The sad thing is, many of them don’t even know they are delivering a poor performance!

The camera has no human qualities.  It doesn’t blink, smile, or give you encouraging feedback like a real person does; it’s just a machine observing you with an intense robotic stare. This can take some time getting used to.

Actors and TV presenters are trained to deal with this. Unfortunately, most people who are new to video presenting come across very differently on camera than they do in the flesh, and it can seriously detract from your message.

Does this Sound Like You?

Bud the CEO.

Bud is the CEO of a software company. He is rightfully proud of the products and services his team provides and the enviable employee culture they have created. The marketing department is upgrading the company website, and agrees that it would be a good idea to film a two minute video for the website home page of Bud communicating his passion for excellence to potential future customers. Everyone agrees, “This video will show our customers how authentic we are, and will be great for the brand.”

Bud is a naturally good speaker. He often stands up and gives talks in front of groups, and likes to be in the limelight. They hire some video equipment, get a professional camera operator in, and set Bud up in the company foyer with the company logo in the background and start recording.

Unfortunately, after dozens of takes, they sit down to review the playback on a big screen and come to the conclusion that whilst Bud does a good job of presenting on stage, he just does not come across well on video. His eyes are glazed over like a deer in the headlights, and he seems ill at ease. He trips over his words, and his delivery is unconvincing. It’s hard to watch. Even Bud is cringing.

What’s more, Bud starts feeling self-conscious the more he studies himself on the screen. “Is that what I really look like to others?” Bud wonders. He doesn’t like the way his hair looks, and he is embarrassed about his bodyweight. Not only that, the body movements and expansive hand gestures he uses on stage when speaking to groups do not translate well on camera. He realizes that he doesn’t even know what to with his hands either.

Confidence shaken, Bud realizes that there is more to presenting on video camera than meets the eye, and he knows he can do much better..

Bebe the Author.

Bebe has just published her second book. She is an established thought leader in her field, and wants to leverage her expertise to promote a series of resource materials she has developed to build her consulting practice. She started following a group of so-called “online marketing experts” who convinced her that “Video marketing is the future. All you have to do is be yourself”. They make it sound so simple in their “10 steps to video marketing success” online course she just purchased and downloaded.

Bebe tries her best to follow their recommendations using her home video setup, but quickly realizes that while the information is probably well-intentioned, it lacks real depth. She has many questions that remain unanswered. Her mind fills with doubts. “How much experience do these people really have in delivering video presentations themselves?” she wonders.

Looking at replays of the footage she recorded on her home video setup, Bebe certainly doesn’t like what she sees. Her hair is sticking up in strange places, and the makeup brand she normally uses just isn’t cutting it.

Not only that, Bebe has a prominent facial feature that she does not want to draw audience attention to, so she needs to figure out the best camera angles for her to be filmed on.

But it’s really her nervousness that is most concerning. Her mouth gets dry. Her voice quivers. She has difficulty swallowing. She blinks a lot. Bebe speaks so fast that it’s hard to tell where one point ends and the next point begins. It sounds like she is trying to deliver her whole message in one breath. Gasp!

“This is not right”, thinks Bebe. “It’s not about being myself, it’s about learning how to present my best self on video camera”.

Binx the Health and Fitness Guru.

Binx is a high profile fitness expert and sports model who has a huge social media following. She wants to start a web video series to promote and sell a fitness and weight loss program to her fan base. She certainly looks the part, and is a bundle of enthusiastic energy when you meet her in person.

Most people who are put in front of the video camera for the first time feel nervous and tend to become self-conscious and freeze up projecting very little social energy. Not Binx however! She has so much energy that she comes across on-screen like an over caffeinated bobblehead. She shouts at the camera and waves her arms about frantically like aerobics instructor. Often her body movements upstage her verbal delivery and her teachings seem to get lost in translation.

Her big facial expressions and body movements seem to work well at fitness expos when she is standing on a stage speaking to a live audience, but they seem artificial and overbearing on screen. Her video presentation delivery is so “in your face” that even her mom reaches for the mute button.

Binx wants to make the most of her natural charisma, and learn how project it in way that works well on camera.


Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito

Bianca provides an exclusive, personalized virtual consulting service for business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, public speakers and the occasional VIP to help them present themselves, their product, service or brand message to their target audience in the most effective way possible on video. Bianca works virtually with a variety of clients from all around the world, including professional service firms, established business executives, rising stars, VIPS to best-selling business authors – who want to deliver effective online video presentations; whether it is for sales presentations, product demonstrations, internal staff communications, video blogging, video interviews, video hangouts, webcasting, or sharing their thought leadership online with video.

What you won’t get:  is one of those ubiquitous, one size fits all, cookie cutter “video content marketing” packages that are promoted online.  They contain generic tips that are superficial at best, and don’t really help you to improve your video presentations.  It is highly unlikely that these providers have ever been paid to work in a professional capacity in front of the camera as an actor or presenter, or paid to work behind the camera in TV advertising and film production.

What you will get:  is an intimate, personalized coaching service from an expert who has spent more than 20 years working in front of the camera; performing lead roles in short films, TV soap operas, TV commercials, corporate videos, music videos, radio commercials, as well as featuring as a model in fitness, commercial and fashion campaigns. Bianca has also worked behind the camera (TV/film production) evaluating the on-screen performance of thousands of people as part of a casting agency.

Bianca will teach you how to present yourself on camera in the most effective way possible and help you avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your success and detract from your personal brand.

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 A Proven Way to Deliver Great Video Presentations

Start by sending Bianca a link of you presenting on video and she will analyze the effectiveness of your presentation, and provide expert analysis and personalized feedback about your current filming setup and on-screen performance. You will receive a detailed report that shows you “What” you need to do to improve, and “How” to implement those changes.

The Report Includes:

  • Details about what you are doing well, and what you need to do to improve
  • A list of practical suggestions tailored just for you, covering technical aspects of your filming set up, as well as your on-screen performance
  • Tips and little known performance secrets gained from years of experience that will help you make immediate improvements
  • You will receive a visual portfolio of annotated screen-casts captured from your video performance, and/or video examples to illustrate each of my recommendations
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You will receive valuable insights that will help you make immediate improvements in your video presentations. You will feel confident that you have come to the right place, and get an experience of what it would be like to have Bianca as your own personal Video Presentation Coach on an ongoing basis, working alongside you to help you become even more effective in front of the camera.


This is where you get to have Bianca as your own personal Video Presentation Coach. Bianca will work with you (virtually) to take your on-screen performance to another level.

Bianca will teach you how to:

  • Plan and organize your content delivery for best filming results
  • Identify your best camera angles, camera framing, lighting, background settings
  • Create a strong first impression that hooks your viewers in
  • Adopt the secrets top actors use to connect with the camera
  • Use the techniques that top actors use to manage anxiety and tension
  • Overcome unconscious mannerisms that detract from your performance
  • Avoid common mistakes that can detract from your personal brand
  • Develop body awareness to identify and release stored tension
  • Establish the right energy level and subtext for your message
  • Use body language / clothing / make-up / eye contact / gestures for maximum effect
  • Develop onscreen congruency, so that your look matches your message

Plus many more juicy secrets that will help to enhance your on-screen presence!

During your ongoing work with Bianca, you will be recording a series of video presentations (aligned to your existing content strategy).  Bianca will work with you virtually to help you to incorporate her teachings, providing detailed feedback on each of your video presentations until you reach your desired outcome and are delighted with your standard of performance.


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– John Spence, author “Awesomely Simple”, educator, speaker. “One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America”

“Bianca’s expert insights were invaluable to taking my video work to a completely new level”

I recently asked Bianca to help me improve the quality and professionalism of my video work. Although I’ve been a professional speaker/corporate educator for nearly 20 years, Bianca was able to give me advice, coaching and input that made a huge positive impact on how I produced my videos – including lighting, clothing, style, background, voice… Her expert insights were invaluable to taking my video work to a completely new level. In addition, she was a complete joy to work with – very personable, extremely focused and dedicated to my success. I am truly pleased to offer my very highest recommendation on behalf of Bianca – she is an amazing person and does an absolutely superior job.

 Gary Hoover, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Hoover Academy.

“I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences better than Bianca Te Rito”

I have made over 2000 speeches and I think I’m pretty good at it. But I recently started a video blog, and wow is working in front of a camera different. Most speakers don’t know how to project toward that little glass lens. It’s very different from a live audience. I cannot think of anyone who understands the differences better than Bianca Te Rito. Her recommendations, after watching some of my videos, were totally new ideas to me, but old hat to onscreen experts like Bianca. Her work was quick, to the point, and incredibly helpful. And delivered in a very visual way (not just verbal recommendations) that made new ideas easy to understand and apply. She’s a delight to work with!


– Victoria Moore, Co-Founder of the Legacy Organizer iPhone App

“You are clearly a real expert in this field”

Bianca – thank you for your fantastic comments and really valuable advice. You are clearly a real expert in this field and I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about business presentations to get in touch with you.


TG  – Tania Greig, Entrepreneur/Consultant “Bianca’s communication has always been prompt, informative and she always provides clear and effective solutions” 

I have known Bianca personally and professionally for over ten years. She has featured as both a cover and a fitness model in Fitness Life magazine, and was a true professional in all aspects of her modeling work; from her personal presentation, organization plus of course her ability to portray the right expressions behind the camera. More recently Bianca has assisted us in social media development, providing detailed how-to-video tutorials tailored specifically for my needs. Her communication has always been prompt, informative and she always provides clear and effective solutions.  Bianca is personable, a great listener, shows empathy and professionalism and has the ability to gauge her clients specific needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their online presentation and brand, or be guided in social media development.


– Linda Webster, Web Designer/Web Developer at IJL Designs

“Bianca Te Rito is the real deal”

She has an innate sense of how to market your brand to not only make you attractive to your target audience but also how to use your best qualities to make your brand authentic. She is bright, personable, generous of her time and knowledge and will point you in the right direction every time. I highly recommend Bianca and for your online branding needs.


– Simon Mundell, Managing Director at The RESULTS Group

“Bianca, really knows her subject and can be completely relied on to perform a high-quality job”

Bianca helped me to create and express my online personal brand in a powerful and compelling way. She really knows her subject and can be completely relied on to perform a high quality job. From strategy through to execution – I trust Bianca to take care of all the details and just “make things happen”. She is a rock star and gets the right things done right


– Stephen Lynch, Chief Operating Officer at The Business Execution Experts, Strategy Consultant, Author

“Bianca, has a great big heart and takes real pride in getting great results for her clients”

Bianca is the hardest working person I know. She is a highly-disciplined, task-focused achiever who drives execution and is relentless in making sure projects are completed on time and to a high standard. Bianca brings order to chaos by organizing, structuring, and thoroughly documenting anything she is involved in. Bianca has a rare combination of talents: an in depth knowledge of acting & presenting skills from her many years in the performing arts – combined with best practice business methodologies in marketing and strategy – gained from her association with Anyone who works with Bianca always gets massive value. She has a great big heart and takes real pride in getting great results for her clients.


– Trina Moore, Financial Futures Group

“Bianca, is highly intuitive and will always strive for nothing less than exceptional results” 

Bianca is focused and passionate about her career and the goals she sets for herself both personally and professionally. . She is an inspiration combining beauty, skill and discipline in each area of her life. Her determination and commitment in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is reflected in every aspect of her personal and professional life. Bianca is a strong, intelligent, loyal woman who will create success with any project or person she sets her sights on. She is highly intuitive and will always strive for nothing less than exceptional results. I have known Bianca for over 10 years.

SB – Steve Boomert, CEO ProCare Health“Bianca, is relentless at driving implementation, and has the ability to increase the personal effectiveness of those around her” 

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bianca Te Rito. Bianca is the kind of person you can completely rely on to manage any project to completion – on time, and to a high standard. Bianca takes pride in getting great results and has greatly contributed to the systemization and streamlining of our core processes. Bianca is very professional and highly-disciplined in her approach to business – able to work with people at all levels of the company to get things done. Bianca is relentless at driving implementation, and has the ability to increase the personal effectiveness of those around her – by helping them better focus on the task at hand. Bianca is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. Bianca added immense value while she was here and we would certainly hire her again. I recommend her highly, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

LC – Lisa Carter, Head of Customer Engagement Team at

I have not worked with anyone who is more focused and determined”

There is one word that comes to mind when I think of Bianca – “Disciplined”. I have not worked with anyone who is more focused and determined. Projects get completed when Bianca is involved, and I don’t say that lightly! Completed to Bianca means start to finish, time-lined actions, KPIs achieved, budgets met, mission accomplished: full stop.

SC – Steven Chow, Police Ten 7 at Screentime NZ Ltd“Bianca is able to collaborate very well with directors in both commercial broadcast and film”

Bianca is a creative and insightful individual who is able to collaborate very well with directors in both commercial, broadcast and film. Her enthusiasm, professionalism as well as a sense of humour has made her popular and highly respected amongst her peers. Highly recommended.


– Clyde Colson, Director at Extended DISC Australasia Limited

“Bianca’s talents go beyond the commercial environment as she has natural artistic skills particularly in performing arts”

Bianca is self motivated, and has a very professional approach to her work. She is efficient and has a natural ability to understand and communicate well with clients and colleagues alike. Her natural style is analytical, and she is systematic and precise, but she has the ability to adjust her style to present an open and outgoing personality making her a very valuable team member. Her talents go beyond the commercial environment as she has natural artistic skills particularly in performing arts.

As you can see from some testimonials, even people who are highly experienced public speakers and presenters have benefited greatly from this feedback. Rest assured, if you apply yourself, the results are worth it.



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