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Bianca works virtually with a variety of clients from all around the world, including professional service firms, established business executives, rising stars, VIPS, and best-selling business authors. They all want to deliver more effective online video presentations; whether it is for sales presentations, product demonstrations, internal staff communications, video blogging (aka vlogging), video interviews, video chats, live-streaming, or sharing their thought leadership online.

Don’t worry if you are currently a “diamond in the rough” needing a little polish. Bianca will make you look good on video!

Bianca offers an exclusive, personalized, virtual consulting service and will teach you how to present yourself on video in the most effective way possible, and help you avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your on-screen performance.


What you won’t get: is one of those ubiquitous, one size fits all, cookie cutter “video content marketing” packages that are promoted online. They contain generic tips that are superficial at best, and don’t really help you to improve your video presentations. It is highly unlikely that these providers have ever been paid to work in a professional capacity in front of the camera as an actor or presenter, or paid to work behind the camera in TV advertising and film production.

What you will get: is an intimate, personalized virtual coaching service from an expert who has spent more than 20 years working in front of the camera; performing lead roles in short films, TV soap operas, TV commercials, corporate videos, music videos, radio commercials, as well as featuring as a model in fitness, commercial and fashion campaigns. Bianca has also worked behind the camera (TV/film production) evaluating the on-screen performance of thousands of people as part of a casting agency.

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