Filming Fitness Fun with Google Glass. Recommendations and Tips

Filming Fitness Fun with Google Glass
Recommendations and Tips

Filming Fitness Fun with Google Glass. Recommendations and Tips with Bianca Te Rito

In this candid vlog I’m filming Fitness tips using Google Glass, experimenting with First person POV (point of view) while using my gym mirrors to demonstrate various fitness tips. I also share with you some filming recommendations and challenges if you intend to film first person tutorials or demonstration-type videos using the Glass device.

Note: These videos are from my personal YouTube channel which I use for personal Vlogging and travel. This channel is completely distinct from my YouTube channel, which I use for my video presentation consulting business.


Video: Filming Fitness Through Glass

(see time-codes below – clickable if you play this video inside the Youtube platform, they enable you to skip around the video).


Tips and Highlights

• What am I trying to do: 0:10
• Ways to wear Glass: 0:36
• Glass is tough: 1:01
• Glide like a model: 1:17


• Gym time: 1:56
• Fit tip “Shoulder Training”: 2:33
• Glass tip “Heavy Breather”: 3:33
• Glass tip “Physical movement” Pans / Tilts: 4:28
• Audio difference Glass mic: 4:46
• Fit tip “Leg Training”: 4:57
• Fit tip “Make it hard”: 5:16
• Glass tip “Clear Audio”: 5:38


• Testing body movement: 5:59
• Glass tip “Balance wobbles”: 6:09
• Glass tip “Plan your shots” 6.23 
• On the go “Charging device”: 6:38


• Recommendations: 6:47
• Lol I CAN’T see my Screen: 7:49

Links to Resources Mentioned in the Video

To my readers interested in Google Glass, please let me know if you have questions about the Google Glass device or if you would like me to cover anything from a filming perspective. For your quick reference,  I have created a new category for this topic here:  Google Glass Series.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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