How to Speak to the Video Camera (Part 2.) On-camera Skills Series

How to Speak to the Video Camera
(Part 2.) On-camera Skills Series

STEBIAN Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito_How to Speak to the Video Camera

In today’s “Take Two” Video Presentation Coaching episode, the team demonstrates “on-camera” skills that you can easily apply, and I discuss how presenting to a video camera requires a completely different skill set from stage presenting (a fact few people are aware of), plus more look good on video tips!

Note: This episode is “naughty” so um…yeah!

Key Learning Points

  • Modify your delivery style if you are crossing over from stage to screen (video) presenting
  • Adjust your speaking pace – to keep your viewers’ attention
  • Avoid doing this one key thing that can really slow the pace and dynamism of your video
  • Realize that “instinctively” our viewers’ eyes want to look around and move on to the next thing

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