What Not to Wear on Video. Video Presentation Coaching

What Not to Wear on Video

Dressing or the Camera Technicals Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito


Video Presentation Coaching: In today’s “Take Two Video Tip” Binxie demonstrates what not to wear on video. There are some important “technical’s” to be aware of when it comes to choosing your clothing selection for video.

Key Learning Points

  • Learn which clothing patterns to avoid
  • What to look out for before you step in front of the video camera
  • What looks good to the human eye may look completely different on camera and vice versa.

Applying these tips will save you the hassle or heartache of having to re-shoot your material – especially if your wardrobe selection upstages your message by dancing about on screen.


Play this video now to learn best practice wardrobe guidelines for your video presentation.

Let me know in the comments below what insights you gained from watching this video, or if you have questions when it comes to wardrobe choices for your video presentations.


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