Make-up Tips for Looking Good on Video

Make-up Tips for
Looking Good on Video

Make up Tips for Appearing on Video STEBIAN Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito 500a

Video Presentation Coaching: In today’s “Take Two Video Tip” Binxie demonstrates how make-up colors can appear different on video camera (taken to the extreme) but hopefully you’ll get the point.

Key Learning Points

  • Some colors on look different on screen
  • Some textures can diminish facial features

Remember the camera sees things differently than the human eye. With this in mind we need to be mindful of how certain make-up colors & textures can appear on screen.


For a comprehensive make-up guide for camera work see:

In this video learn which make-up colors and textures can diminish facial features or look vampire-ish on-screen.

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