Welcome to Our TakeTwo Video Presentation Coaching Show!

Welcome to Our TakeTwo Video Presentation Coaching Show!

What’s Up?

Our Take Two Video Presentation Coaching show is now live and I invite you to tune in to our “Ed-u-tainment” series – where I share video presentation insider tips, techniques, how-to’s, tutorials and Q & A’s here at STEBIAN.com.

I have created this video series for you! If you want to spread your message and value to the world using video then our content is for you.

To help me illustrate key learning points (remember video is about showing not telling) I have created some fun (slightly tongue-in-cheek) characters for the show – below is a shot of them. These characters will also appear more frequently in our articles illustrating points too.

Introducing the TakeTwo Cast


The Starring Cast

★ Bree (Blonde)
★ Bebe (Dark haired)
★ Bud (Dude in the Corner)
★ Binxie (Pink hair)

and Bianca (The Boss)

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