Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand

Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand

Begin with the End in Mind Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito

Whether you realize it or not, you are a “brand”.  Just like your product or your service is a brand.

If you want to develop a brand that represents “you” and your message to the world in the most effective way possible I recommend following my proven, structured process.

I promise you, that if you take the time to do things right the first time, you will save yourself from wasting a lot of time in the future.

Below, I will share with you my own personal vision process, that I have used time and time again with fulfilling results. My process starts with a series of questions, which will require some deep thinking and soul searching on your part. (This is the most important step).

One of the habits of highly effective people is that they “begin with the end in mind.”

One of the habits of highly effective people is that they “begin with the end in mind.” That means they set goals.  They think before they act. They get clear on where they want to go, before they commit themselves to action.

To Begin Describe in Detail Your Answers to the Following 5 Questions:

  1. What do you want to be known for in the future?
  2. How will you know when you have succeeded?
  3. What exactly will you be doing?
  4. What will you have achieved?
  5. How will you feel when you have achieved this success?

The more vivid and compelling you can paint this vision of your ideal future – the greater your chances of achieving it.

Simple Action Recommendation

  • Take 5 mins each day to see, feel or act-out your vision. Make your senses do the work for you.
  • Better yet attempt to bring the essence of what your personal vision will bring you i.e. if it is more freedom in your life – find a way now in the “present moment” to bring the feeling or action of freedom to you – it could be as simple as scheduling 10-30mins during the day to do whatever you like. The goal is to live the “essence” of your personal vision now.
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