How to Set the Scene for Your Video Presentations

How to Set the Scene for Your

Video Presentations

How to Set the Scene Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito 1

Video Presentation Coaching: In today’s “Take Two Video Tip” we demonstrate how to set the scene for your video presentations.

Key Learning Points

  • Your viewer has nothing to look at except what you have framed in your shot
  • The advantage is that you now control your audience’s gaze
  • With your framing, you are telling them where to look, and what to pay attention to

Great film makers control all the visual elements within the frame to capture the audience’s attention, influence emotions, manage first impressions and control the viewing experience.

Watch this video now to get simple but highly effective ideas to apply to your own video presentations.



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  1. Caren McCabe says:

    Hi Bianca,
    Loved the video and also being introduced to your new “cast of characters” for the Coaching show! After watching this video, I went out and purchased the green screnn and adobe software so I can create a more compelling backdrop to my videos.

    Keep up the great and creative work!!


    • Hi Caren

      Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and congratulations on the purchases (how exciting) cheering you on with your video presentations. I am sure they will be fantastic!

  2. Neal McDowell says:


    great tips especially using a background to help brand yourself and using the frame to guide your prospects trained eye to focus on what is important.
    Thank you.
    Neal McDowell