How to Bring Your Personal Vision to Life in 5 Simple Steps

How to Bring Your Personal Vision to Life in 5 Simple Steps

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As I mentioned in my previous article “Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand” – the more vivid and compelling you can paint your personal vision of your ideal future – the greater your chances of achieving it.

Before you begin filming your video presentations, it is well worth investing time to build your personal vision first.

Start by applying the following steps.

    1. Answer the questions posed in our article “Think About Your Future. Build Your Personal Brand
    2. Create a visual representation of your ideal future (here is mine, featured above). Use images and words that “emotionally” appeal to you, that get you excited and get you thinking “What if?” feelings (this bit is the key)
    3. Look at your personal vision, and emotionally connect with it every day. 1 to 5 mins is all you need. See yourself stepping into your personal vision. Involve as many senses as possible – make your senses work for you (they are a creative gift). Ask yourself: How will you feel? What do you hear? Who is around you?
    4. Do you see your personal vision in front of you? Or are you actually walking around in it? Either way is fine – do what works best for you. The visualization process should not be a strain. Note: The moment you feel any self-doubt or any negativity stop and rewind your visualization. Run it again, and this time reinforce the visualization with encouraging self-talk. It’s important to acknowledge any self-doubt or negativity – but do not let it soil your personal vision. Say, “Thank you self-doubt/negative thought, I appreciate you looking out for me – but you don’t need to anymore!” Continue on with your visualization for as long as you can without distraction or strain
    5. Get to the stage where you can instantly recall your “Personal Vision”.   Use it like a flashcard – this way you can access it quickly and all the emotional feel-good fuzzies associated with your personal vision. I find flashing my personal vision (in my minds-eye) in moments of stress, or if I feel flat or uninspired really helps to lift my spirits.  It gets me motivated and back into alignment and focus.

My Own Personal Application

In the past I would cut out images from magazines and create collages for my “personal vision board”, and strategically post these on walls around the house in places where I would see them often.  I have found that placement next to a mirror works really well. Even better, try placing your personal vision board opposite your mirror that way you can see yourself and your vision board (in the reflection) together.

My personal vision board includes images of: my dream car, dream home, dream holiday destinations and health spas, inspirational physiques, inspirational quotes, awards I want to win, images that represent success and the type of work I want to be doing, and pictures of me at my happiest.

The Results So Far

These days, I am happy to report that parts of my personal vision have come to fruition, or I am receiving the “essence” of my personal vision. Some of these include: Freedom to travel and operate my own business from my laptop anywhere in the world alongside my life partner (and husband) of 20+ years. Freedom to pick and choose my clients – I don’t live to chase the dollar. Quality health and fitness lifestyle as well as scheduled time for daily meditation, yoga and weight training sessions. Every quarter my husband and I take road trips or flights away to explore the mighty USA or book weekend adventures.

I have made a lot of sacrifices, and overcome challenges to achieve this lifestyle – but the long-term gain has been so fulfilling, rewarding and incredible! With applied discipline, mental focus, grit, courage and continual personal development you too can create a lifestyle of your dreams – but first you must have a vision!

Adventures and Fun

From my Personal Vlog Channel (completely distinct from

Fun Stuff

Fitness – Well-being

Travel Vlogs

 Tech Fun

Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now moving me closer or further away from my personal vision?”

Keeping it Digital

Now, I keep everything digital and portable. For example, my laptop screensaver, desktop background, Smartphone all have a digital collage of my personal vision for the future.

To keep my thoughts and actions congruent, I frequently look at my personal vision board (peppered with my personal values) and ask myself, “Is what I am doing right now moving me closer or further away from my personal vision?”

What are you going to do to bring your personal vision to life?


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